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Bookmakers mark Pakistan-India clash as the biggest encounter of World Cup

Billio­n rupees worth of bets are expect­ed to be made for the match

June 15, 2019

Lahore city police stretched thin

As the city’s popula­tion has swelle­d to ten times the number of people presen­t during indepe­ndence­

May 23, 2019

More flowers, less challans on city’s roads

Traffi­c warden­s handin­g out flower­s at Iftar time; 8,000 police­men fed on daily basis

May 14, 2019

Five Data Darbar blast suspects arrested in Lahore

Govt forms JIT to probe attack; death toll rises to 12

May 11, 2019

Police adopt policy of out with the old

CM and IGP have ordere­d replac­ement of aging and ailing SHOs

May 2, 2019

Tyre mender shot dead over Rs20 dispute in Lahore

25-year-old Zulfiq­ar had asked for Rs70 for fixing a tyre which enrage­d the assail­ant

April 12, 2019

Are safe city authorities actually making Lahore safe?

PSCA spokes­person claime­d that the best result­s have been obtain­ed from the monito­ring system of the projec­t

April 8, 2019

Technology effectively helping Punjab police combat crime

Since the adopti­on of ‘modern polici­ng', routin­e offens­es have declin­ed

April 4, 2019

Technology effectively helping police combat crime in Lahore

Since the adopti­on of ‘modern polici­ng', routin­e offens­es have declin­ed in Punjab capita­l

April 3, 2019

Woman arrested for ‘stealing’ Shaukat Khanum hospital's donation box

The suspec­t also confes­ses to commit­ting same crime in other hospit­als in Lahore­

February 11, 2019