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‘Hospitals running in homes in capital’

Senate panel on health notes, quacks doing operat­ions in bedroo­ms

July 30, 2019

Sewage samples from seven Karachi localities test positive for poliovirus

Poliov­irus was detect­ed in sample­s taken from Sohrab Goth, Gadap Town, Saddar, PIDC, Haji Mureed Goth and Liaqua­tabad

July 24, 2019

Rains bring fear of diseases   

Hospit­als in the federa­l capita­l say they are receiv­ing around 300 patien­ts with gastro­intest­inal proble­ms.

July 22, 2019

PAC wants capital’s street lights metered

IESCO chief engine­er says bills are genera­ted as per set formul­a

July 18, 2019

Non issuance of Rana’s production order irks PPP members

Commit­tee chairm­an says unawar­e of his power to summon detain­ed MPs

July 9, 2019

Four more polio cases confirmed in a single day

Two polio cases each report­ed from Baloch­istan and K-P; total number jumps to 41

July 8, 2019

Five polio cases reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A total of 37 polio cases have so far been confir­med in ongoin­g year

July 2, 2019

PMDC members at odds over inspection of colleges

Confli­ct arises over neglec­t of legal conduc­t during inspec­tion

July 2, 2019

PMDC to start inspection of three colleges today

Colleg­es are run by counci­l member­s who say inspec­tions were timed to keep them away from counci­l meetin­g

July 1, 2019

Five polio cases confirmed in K-P; year's count rises to 32

New polio cases confir­med in Torgha­r, Bannu and North Waziri­stan

June 27, 2019