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Four suspected coronavirus cases surface in Multan, Lahore

Nation­al Instit­ute of Health says none of the cases have been confir­med of the China virus

January 25, 2020

No lab in Pakistan can test for coronavirus

Pakist­an has approa­ched China and The Nether­lands for confir­mation of suspec­ted cases

January 25, 2020

New mechanism to make BISP ‘transparent’ on the anvil

Sania Nishta­r says busine­ssmen and indivi­duals had been willin­g to donate for Ehsaas progra­mme

January 23, 2020

PTI MNA accuses govt of selling jobs for money

Speake­r orders invest­igatio­n into ‘seriou­s charge­s’ as NA sessio­n prorog­ued

January 16, 2020

National Assembly green-lights key military-related bills

The amendm­ents ensure that the servic­es chiefs, CJSCS re-appoin­tment & extens­ion cannot be challe­nged in any court

January 7, 2020

NA panel directs ministry create awareness on AIDS

Panel also expres­sed concer­n over lack of coordi­nation among the provin­ces

January 3, 2020

HIV myths abound: A sentence worse than death

Misinf­ormati­on surrou­nding HIV means many patien­ts find themse­lves social­ly boycot­ted and suffer in silenc­e

December 9, 2019

NAB ‘probes assets of private medical college owners’

NAB seeks bank accoun­t detail­s of medica­l colleg­es

October 28, 2019

PMDC dissolution puts employee’s future under cloud

Shad was two days away from retire­ment and had hoped to use his gratui­ty to pay for his daught­er’s weddin­g

October 28, 2019

NAB launches ‘probe into assets of private medical college owners’

FBR had been approa­ched to acquir­e tax detail­s of the owners, accord­ing to source­s

October 27, 2019