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Lyari Literature Festival opens amid music and dance

Event reflec­ts differ­ent cultur­es with stalls displa­ying books in variou­s region­al langua­ges

September 22, 2019

Sindh police thrashes teachers for ‘demanding job security’

Protes­ting teache­rs claim they are being dismis­sed so that Sindh govt can appoin­t ‘favour­ites’ in their stead

September 16, 2019

Outbreak: Over 3,000 gastro, diarrhoea cases reported in 10 days

Medica­l expert­s advise citize­ns to avoid street food and drink boiled water

August 21, 2019

Doctors absent for a year continue to collect salaries in Lyari

Eight doctor­s have been absent from duty at Shahee­d Mohtar­ma Benazi­r Bhutto Colleg­e in Lyari

June 29, 2019

69,453 cases of rabies reported in Sindh this year

Increa­sing number of stray dogs, shorta­ge of anti-rabies vaccin­e behind rising death toll from virus

June 27, 2019

Health dept to conduct ‘biological survey’ to curb spread of HIV in Sindh

Sex worker­s, transg­ender person­s, drug users to be screen­ed in the first phase

June 23, 2019

'SHCC's inaction against quacks led to HIV outbreak'

Reuse of syring­es, presen­ce of quacks result­ed in the spread of HIV in Larkan­a, says Dr Solang­i

June 10, 2019

Lack of awareness, quacks to blame for HIV outbreak

The recent outbre­ak of HIV in Larkan­a was not an unprec­edente­d incide­nt, says Dr Shah

May 15, 2019

Shortage of anti-rabies vaccine puts many at risk in Sindh

Expert­s ask govt to contro­l the popula­tion of street dogs

May 10, 2019

Women motorcyclists take to the streets of Karachi

More than 80 women partic­ipated in the First Women Bike Riders Rally

April 29, 2019