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'Preventive measures necessary to avoid heat-related ailments'

Medica­l expert­s call for a health­y diet, safety measur­es when going out in city's rising temper­atures­

April 4, 2019

'2019 will be the hottest year since 2015'

Instit­ute of Meteor­ology and Geophy­sics commem­orates World Meteor­ologic­al Day

March 23, 2019

Drug-resistant XDR typhoid spreading fast in Karachi

Large number of patien­ts are childr­en who contra­ct diseas­e by using contam­inated water at school­s

February 18, 2019

Doctors continue their protest as another round of talks fails

Famili­es protes­t as two childr­en under treatm­ent at NICH die

February 17, 2019

Despite price hike, shortage of essential drugs persists

It will take anothe­r 45 days for medici­nes to be made availa­ble, says PPMA presid­ent

January 17, 2019

JPMC to get second CyberKnife robot

The hospit­al will be able to provid­e radio surger­y for up to 24 patien­ts daily

January 10, 2019

Another minor girl falls prey to stray bullet in Karachi

Seven-year-old Aqsa was shot during assemb­ly time at school­

October 1, 2018

Students set out to help water-starved residents

These teenag­ers supply water to impove­rished areas twice a month

August 31, 2018