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  • Favouring India isn't easy

    For years India and Pakistan have been enemies and this has brought only misery. It is time for a change via trade.

  • Parachinar: Heaven turned to hell

    Children sang songs of liberty without knowing that this valley would be stained with the blood of their neighbours.

  • World Cup 2011: Why do we love to hate India?

    Let’s stop loving to hate India and stop referring to the semi-final as a ‘do or die’ situation.

  • The economic road to peace

    When global relationships are based on commerce, trade and industrial enrichment, India and Pakistan can’t overlook the importance of a two-pronged relationship.

  • Unite from Parachinar to Karachi

    Terrorists have pushed Pakistan into a blind street where only political reconciliation, wisdom and unity in a persistest fight against terrorism can prove beneficial

  • Parachinar: the valley of massacre

    People sometimes ask me, “Is there no issue other Fata? Why do you persistently write on the same subject?”I bow my head, as my eyes fill with tears and whisper “What is new for me? All my pains, wounds, troubles and grievances are elderly and infinite. My area has been facing these circumstances for decades and nothing can guarantee it strength. The people of the tribal areas will never pardon Ziaul Haq, a heartless and spiteful dictator who turned their serene area into a breeding ground for terrorism.

  • FATA, overlooked, ignored

    Twenty first century’s innovations, permutations, novelties, upgraded lifestyle, scientific developments and many more have nothing to do with life of the people of tribal areas of Pakistan. They are living in the Stone Age with warfare, humiliations, lack of health and educational facilities.