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  • Message to literalists: You are a minority

    The Taliban are confused; they practice the very act they preach against-self destruction.

  • For Iqbal, women's rights are human rights

    Allama Muhammad Iqbal's philosophy is most relevant for Muslim community because of his understanding of the spirit of Islam as being essentially humanistic and reformative and for his formal arguments that satisfy the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. Iqbal finds ‘Ijma’ as an inherent principle for change in formal religious interpretations.

  • No 'Muslim' can attack Data Darbar?

    For the literalists, or more specifically for Wahabis, Sufis and their shrines are unislamic and those who visit these places are idolaters and they should be killed to purify the “Umma”. For Wahabis Shiism, Sufism and rationalism corrupt Islam and the duty of the Wahabi believer is to eliminate these elements to purify Islam to restore it to its original form.

  • Pakistan history, distorted by the literalists

    Literalists have always invented Islam, depriving it of universalism and divesting its teachings of its historic context. But the 'Muslims-only' Pakistan ideology is a figment of their imagination that has no real basis in history.

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