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  • Dr Aafia, Faisal Shahzad are not Pakistan's heroes

    We have personified mortals like Aafia Siddiqi and Faisal Shahzad into mythological figures simply because they were confronted by external forces - this is pseudo-patriotism.

  • What Jamshed Dasti taught our youth

    Politicians have deepened the wedge between morality and politics through their shameless defense of fake degrees. The youth are learning some tertible lessons.

  • Weltschmerz, the sorrow experienced

    Every day is another battle for our sanity as we experience a way of life besieged with crises upon crises. We see our people desperate for the most basic of amenities, that were always their right to begin with. We see bodyparts flying all over on national television, along with our sense of security.

  • A ban on common sense

    As a content producer for a current affairs program, these clauses are an ambiguous and scary proposition. The vaguer the law, the more prone it is to abuse. In fact, it’s even possible that if I talked about my puppy Buffy, who was kidnapped a while ago, I could face prison since I depressed readers and 'hurt national sentiment!'

  • Government Bashing: All About Ratings?

    With a title like “In Pakistan, Criticism of the President is Good for TV Ratings,” its not hard to see whose side the WSJ is taking.Could it perhaps be that secretly, in our heart of hearts, we want the government to fail? This would point to a rather sadistic perception of our public, which the Germans call 'schadenfreude.'

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