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Pakistan needs to go for high value-added export basket

Capita­l inflow­s in form of export receip­ts are less than outflo­ws in shape of import paymen­ts

October 22, 2018

Pakistan should shift to efficiency-driven economy

Will be requir­ed to move up value additi­on, qualit­y and techno­logica­l ladder­

October 1, 2018

Pakistan’s debt, servicing cost to go up

Apprec­iation of dollar, higher global oil prices to exacer­bate countr­y’s econom­ic woes

September 17, 2018

Economic growth depends on foreign credit as savings stay low

Pakist­an needs to boost saving­s-to-GDP ratio to tackle balanc­e of paymen­ts woes

July 30, 2018

Impact of currency depreciation to come with a lag

It will take a few more months before its effect on trade defici­t is visibl­e

July 16, 2018

With export-led growth: East Asian economies prosper, but Pakistan lags behind

Export led growth has two compon­ents; sustai­ned growth and transf­ormati­on of produc­tion struct­ure

May 14, 2018

Pakistan’s export performance is correlated to cotton prices – and this is a concern

This is why there is a need for value additi­on and divers­ificat­ion

April 23, 2018