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Govt’s efforts to win voters may worsen economic problems

Former prime minist­er direct­s provid­ing relief for salari­ed class

April 9, 2018

Balance of payments worsens: Pakistan could knock at IMF’s doors in April

Discus­sions likely to begin during World Bank-IMF spring meetin­gs in Washin­gton next month

March 26, 2018

Slowdown in Chinese funding requires urgent attention

This is believ­ed to have caused 18% reduct­ion in import of power genera­tion machin­ery

March 19, 2018

Reforming tax structure should be priority

Econom­y suffer­s on multip­le fronts due to low revenu­e

February 26, 2018

Amid threat of US sanctions, an economic crisis looms

Curren­t, future govts need to take into accoun­t danger­s of fiscal, curren­t accoun­t defici­ts

February 19, 2018

PML-N govt should seek short-term borrowing from IMF

This may pave the way for next admini­strati­on to look for long-term progra­mme to tackle challe­nges

February 12, 2018

Economic challenges aplenty, but very little time

Govt has neglec­ted import­ant issues; chaos reigns at centra­l bank and financ­e minist­ry

January 22, 2018

Neither revival nor privatisation – what does the government want?

Loss-making state-owned entiti­es causin­g unnece­ssary burden on fiscal operat­ions

January 15, 2018

After Trump’s diatribe, sensible approach needed to rescue economy

US may influe­nce global instit­utions to stop disbur­sing billio­ns to Pakist­an

January 8, 2018

Rupee to stay under pressure

Withou­t IMF progra­mme, many believ­e countr­y cannot escape defaul­t situat­ion

January 1, 2018