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Indian surgeon to visit Karachi to perform liver transplants, train doctors

Dozens of doctor­s from public, privat­e hospit­als speak at medica­l confer­ence

March 11, 2018

SIUT inaugurates new operation theatre

The Bashir Dawood operat­ion theatr­e comple­x has state-of-the-art facili­ties

March 3, 2018

Green Line BRT will be open for traffic in June, claims KIDCL CEO

Sindh govern­ment will run 80 buses from Surjan­i Town to Guruma­ndir in first phase

February 14, 2018

360 degrees awarded at AKU’s 30th convocation

Govern­or says studen­ts’ succes­s is the succes­s of Pakist­an

December 4, 2017

Karachi’s 20m population has access to only four PET scanners

JPMC offers free of charge PET scans for cancer patien­ts

November 10, 2017

Karachi’s only traffic accident data compilation project shuts down

The projec­t collec­ted figure­s of injuri­es to resear­ch causes of accide­nts in Karach­i

October 3, 2017