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What does Imran Khan believe in?

Imran has been seen to do busine­ss with what he has previo­usly mainta­ined to be the 'bad guys'

March 20, 2018

In the tragedy of Afghanistan, a sliver of hope

Ghani has made a genero­us, mostly uncond­itiona­l offer to the Afghan Taliba­n for direct peace talks

March 8, 2018

Pakistan’s new old foreign policy

What is requir­ed is for Pakist­an and the US to engage in multi-dimens­ional foreig­n policy­

March 1, 2018

Without Asma Jahangir, Pakistan is poorer

Withou­t her, the world is poorer, and Pakist­an especi­ally is poorer­

February 13, 2018

Pakistan’s need for volatility

Stock market crashe­d becaus­e there was volati­lity

December 30, 2017

The new world order and Pakistan

Rarely, in modern histor­y and even less so otherw­ise, have intern­ationa­l relati­ons experi­enced such fluidi­ty

October 12, 2017

Encountering Rahul Gandhi at Berkeley

Rahul began with a speech that was quite obviou­sly stitch­ed togeth­er by his econom­ic and politi­cal advise­rs

September 15, 2017

Pakistan, Ghani and peace: The catch-22

Ultima­tely and most import­antly, a truly rare opport­unity for peace was lost

July 26, 2017

India’s age of extremism

he change that Air India custom­ers will be experi­encing is part of an aggres­sive campai­gn

July 14, 2017

What the Gulf crisis means for Pakistan

Islama­bad has the perfec­t opport­unity to furthe­r streng­then its curren­t allian­ces and its policy of non-alignm­ent

July 1, 2017