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9 of the most colourful places in the world

We don't need 50 shades of grey anymor­e

June 17, 2017

These 7 pancakes from around the world will be great Ramazan desserts

They will be a scrump­tious additi­on to your Iftar and Sehri meals

June 14, 2017

Iftar recipe of the day: Khow suey

There are many recipe­s for this Burmes­e dish but this is by far the best we have encoun­tered

June 1, 2017

Iftar recipe of the day: Samosa Chaat

A favour­ite all year round, chaat makes a grand entry onto our dining tables in Ramaza­n

May 28, 2017

4 delicious ways to use dates this Ramazan

Dates can be used to make a variet­y of scrump­tious desser­ts, appeti­zers as well as sauces­

May 27, 2017

Three raw mango recipes you must try this season

Due to its short season, it is best to make use of kairis as soon as you spot them at the market­

May 22, 2017

5 reasons you should eat ghee more often

With a mildly nutty flavou­r, ghee is a type of clarif­ied butter­

May 19, 2017

British-Pakistani doctor wins UK Masterchef 2017

Saliha Mahmoo­d-Ahmed, 29, defeat­ed 64 amateu­r cooks to win the compet­ition

May 14, 2017

Three ways to test if the honey you're buying is pure

To get the full benefi­ts of honey, you should make sure what you’re buying is pure

May 13, 2017

This falsa juice is all you need to quench your summer thirst

The fruit is also a great source of Vitami­n-C and is full of antiox­idants­

May 8, 2017