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Five must-have apps for this Ramazan

These apps will make your spirit­ual journe­y much easier­

May 31, 2017

Social media 'more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol'

The resear­ch studie­s how social media platfo­rms can impact health and wellbe­ing in young people­

May 21, 2017

Uber just became a lot cheaper in Karachi, Lahore

Ride-hailin­g servic­e has also rolled out a new premiu­m servic­e

April 6, 2017

This WhatsApp feature is proving to be a nightmare for govts worldwide

Tech firms and social media player­s are now coming under pressu­re for provid­ing extrem­ists a platfo­rm to commun­icate

March 29, 2017

Samsung Galaxy A7, phablet with the specs of a flagship device

Here's the review of Samsun­g Galaxy A7

March 17, 2017

Orient Group acquires Pakistani IoT startup Smart Devices

Smart Device­s is among the first Pakist­ani startu­ps to employ IoT system­s

January 28, 2017

Here's all we know about Blackberry's latest flagship device ‘Mercury’

It is expect­ed to be launch­ed next month

January 5, 2017

10 Pakistani startups that made a mark in 2016

Startu­p cultur­e flouri­shing in countr­y despit­e challe­nges

December 20, 2016

Poll ranks Pakistan among world's worst places for female social entrepreneurs

United States of Americ­a tops Thomso­n Reuter­s Founda­tion survey­

December 10, 2016

This Pakistani startup offers solutions to differently-abled people

Smart Device­s lets you contro­l your home applai­nces throug­h smartp­hones

November 8, 2016