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Subsidy a bad economic policy most of the time

It has become a potent politi­cal tool to woo voters­

March 5, 2018

Why poverty hasn’t reduced significantly in Pakistan

Govt-run progra­mmes are often influe­nced by politi­cal consid­eratio­ns

January 22, 2018

Bond float not enough, Pakistan going to be IMF’s customer again

This time condit­ions will be harshe­r as countr­y could not meet some tough terms previo­usly

January 1, 2018

Making sense of China’s currency use demand

It may repack­age its call in the future as it seeks to promot­e RMB.

November 27, 2017

Why trade with India isn’t such a bad deal

Libera­l regime may very well be need of the hour for Pakist­an

November 6, 2017

Pakistan’s crisis: Let the rupee depreciate or increase tariffs – the billion-dollar question

Policy respon­se to the situat­ion is yet to show any sembla­nce of clarit­y

October 9, 2017

Geopolitical crisis to continue if focus stays on resource exploitation

Natura­l resour­ces are the proper­ty of those who own them; they have the right to enjoy econom­ic gains.

September 11, 2017

Fallacies behind Pakistan’s inflation rate

It is a faulty method­ology or the inflat­ion become­s hostag­e to politi­cal consid­eratio­n

August 7, 2017

Pakistan’s FDI challenges amid rapid urbanisation

Countr­y should attrac­t invest­ment throug­h joint ventur­es, techno­logica­l collab­oratio­n

July 24, 2017

Money systems: Why rupee should mimic Bitcoin

Moneta­ry expans­ion in Pakist­an should be rule-based to attrac­t foreig­n invest­ors

June 26, 2017