Stories from Sami Shah

  • Make your choice

    When it comes to removing the sitting Government, us Pakistanis want a veritable menu of choices.

  • We never learned

    The question that remains unattended, that Salmaan Taseer died trying to address, is the validity of blasphemy law.

  • The twisted pride of a Karachiite

    2011 had its share of morbid excitement.

  • Madcap recap

    2011 was a year directed like a bad Hollywood disaster movie with explosions and plot-twists.

  • Crazy like Kim

    The world needs the kind of crazy these dictators offered since they gave us a template to compare our own sanity to.

  • Be mediocre

    Our hope is not for heroes anymore, just villains who are slightly less villainous.

  • Bonn in the USA

    Pakistan's decisi­on to boycot­t the Bonn confer­ence provid­es Americ­a with a timeta­ble for their invest­igatio­n.

  • Memento mori

    One wonders what an intelligent man like Haqqani was doing talking to Mansoor Ijaz, lifetime achievement flip-flopper.

  • With or against

    Choosing to leave the PPP is allowed, as is choosing to not vote for the PTI.

  • Desperation of hope

    Surrounded by crime, terrorism, corruption and all sorts of evils, we forget that sometimes we are victims of victims.

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