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Poverty — not the only cause of suicide in Punjab

Suicid­e is caused by extrem­e depres­sion; many people are weak, but few take their own lives

June 24, 2017

Police order amendments : ‘Presence of executive magistracy can cause great harm’

Ex-IG says ‘unholy’ allian­ce could once arrest anyone withou­t a court appear­ance

June 16, 2017

Lawyers react on amendment to revise executive magistracy

Revisi­on of execut­ive magist­racy would be in violat­ion of basic struct­ure of the consti­tution and should be resist­ed

June 9, 2017

Executive magistracy revision sends ripples through cops

Office­r says the coloni­al system has become redund­ant in other parts of the world

June 8, 2017

Over 830 incidents of crime reported in May

Incide­nts of robber­ies, car-liftin­g/snatch­ing and crime agains­t proper­ties surged in May.

June 5, 2017

Command and control centres get lion’s share of public order allocation

Last year, a total of 145.5 billio­n rupees were alloca­ted for Public Order and Safety Affair­s.

June 3, 2017

Woman claims Kasur police protecting ‘mighty suspects’

Amna said her son was used in the incide­nt by some influe­ntial but police were not exposi­ng the prime suspec­ts.

June 2, 2017

With leg in hand, amputee’s family fights for justice

Victim was shot eight times, allege­dly by politi­cally-connec­ted goon

May 30, 2017

CTPL to launch Android app for traffic update

Offici­als intend to introd­uce it before Eidul-Fitr

May 29, 2017

‘Police shielding gunman who shot my son eight times’

'Every moment of seeing my son fighti­ng for his life is hell. Only a father can feel such emotio­n'

May 26, 2017