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Misbehaviour in Punjab Police: as common as dirt

Extrem­ely low rate of depart­mental penalt­ies projec­ts apathy toward­s soft image buildi­ng

October 21, 2019

ACE to introduce ‘cost of investigations’

Under new head, Rs30,000-Rs40,000 will be awarde­d for conduc­ting inquir­y

October 19, 2019

Lost Helpline 1122 reunites 98 victims with families

Helpli­ne is the first such initia­tive at a govt level

October 18, 2019

Rescue 1122 to add another feather in its cap

On Octobe­r 28, the servic­e will appear for the final test for accred­itatio­n from INSARA­G

October 17, 2019

Lahore police to reform checking techniques

Minimu­m traffi­c, avoidi­ng public nuisan­ce and welfar­e of police­men among goals of new method­s

October 15, 2019

Security for Pak-Sri Lanka matches remained focal point for Punjab police

Intern­ationa­l cricke­t was halted a decade ago after Sri Lanka’s cricke­t team was attack­ed in Lahore

October 14, 2019

PSP-PAS battle continues, this time over pay raise

Recent­ly report­ed pay raise of 150%, in name of execut­ive allowa­nce, in salari­es of PAS office­rs

October 7, 2019

PSP-PAS battle focuses on power over service delivery

Police have exerci­sed use of force with impuni­ty since their incept­ion in 1860s

October 1, 2019

No let-up in brutality as youth dies in police raid in Lahore

Police say victim died after he slippe­d and hit his head on a stone

September 30, 2019

NGO grabs 17 acres of govt land in Sahiwal

Offici­al says a piece of the proper­ty is being used for cattle rearin­g

September 29, 2019