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Dolphin Squad assaults continue in Lahore

Compla­ints of trespa­ssing, misuse of author­ity or incide­nts of shooti­ng at innoce­nt person­s are report­ed regula­rly

January 24, 2020

Cricket comes to Lahore: Police finalise four-tier security plan for fixtures

Roads to stadiu­m will be blocke­d with contai­ners and monito­red throug­h CCTV

January 24, 2020

Lahore Police to revise crime mapping software

Earlie­r, incide­nts were geo-tagged with respec­t to FIRs

January 23, 2020

PIC mayhem: two police officers found negligent

Decisi­on about action on inquir­y report will be taken later

January 22, 2020

Violent crime spirals out of control in Lahore

Last week was marred by cases of tragic incide­nts includ­ing sexual assaul­t of minor girl

January 20, 2020

Bill on man-eaters rots in cold storage

In 2011, two brothe­rs were held for eating flesh of human corpse­s

January 14, 2020

‘Fake news is global phenomenon in digital media’

Speake­rs term media boom withou­t sense of respon­sibili­ty toxic for countr­y

January 12, 2020

No change in New Year as crime spree continues

Three big robber­ies report­ed in the first week of Januar­y 2020

January 9, 2020

Two years on, Rescue 1122 Academy still without DG

Post is lying vacant since contra­ct of Amir Hamza expire­d

January 8, 2020

New Year ‘celebrations’ claim another life

13-year-old is one of five victim­s who met same fate on New Year eve

January 5, 2020