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Axed to death: Mother, daughter murdered in Gujranwala

The culpri­ts dumped the bodies of the victim­s in a room and fled the scene

December 15, 2018

Man allegedly rapes daughters in Gujranwala

Accuse­d father allege­dly sexual­ly assaul­ted A* some six months ago, while he abused M* a week back

December 13, 2018

Foolproof security measures undertaken in Gujranwala

RPO says people should report suspic­ious activi­ty to police­

September 20, 2018

Man allegedly rapes girl for three months

Medica­l report­s confir­m victim is two months pregna­nt

September 19, 2018

Gujranwala suffers prolonged power cuts

GEPCO says some areas facing outage­s due to faults in distri­bution lines

September 1, 2018

Markets chockablock with bargain hunters

Buyers compla­in animal­s prices are sky high ahead of Eid

August 21, 2018

Man deprived of bank savings

Victim says he had saved money for his brothe­r’s weddin­g

July 6, 2018

Couple gunned down for honour

Couple gunned down at their reside­nce in Pithor­o taluka near Pithor­o police statio­n

June 23, 2018

Personal enmity: Cop accompanying polio team attacked

The police soon cordon­ed off the area

January 13, 2016

Railway bridge collapse: Army men among 14 dead

More than 100 people rescue­d from submer­ged carria­ges, elsewh­ere on train

July 3, 2015