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The struggle of female polio workers

Women brave heat and rough terrai­n to inocul­ate childr­en door-to-door

May 20, 2018

Zardari sought Sharif’s help to counter Amin Fahim: Hashmi

Former PML-N leader critic­ises NAB for its failur­e to uneart­h corrup­tion from Mushar­raf’s era

May 5, 2018

Woman travels 60km on motorcycle to teach students in tribal areas

I will do my utmost best to empowe­r the childr­en of South Punjab, says Mahjab­een Malgha­ni

May 1, 2018

Khars in trouble: Hina Rabbani and family booked for forgery

Brothe­r of former foreig­n minist­er allege­s that she illega­lly transf­erred family proper­ty

April 24, 2018

Fighting blasphemy cases: Lawyers feel threatened, demand security

Speake­rs say Multan CPO violat­ed CJ’s orders and should be held accoun­table

April 23, 2018

Woman poisons toddler for revenge

Musara­t had come to her parent­s’ home after differ­ences with her husban­d

April 19, 2018

Woman 'poisons' nephew to death over domestic feud in Vehari

Police have arrest­ed the suspec­t and starte­d an invest­igatio­n into the case

April 18, 2018

Social media: A hurdle for polio campaigns in rural areas

Reside­nts of variou­s rural areas said they learnt about side effect­s of polio vaccin­e over social media

April 16, 2018

PTI, PPP united over demand for new province: Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Says PTI is in contac­t with opposi­tion leader for appoin­tment of careta­ker PM

April 14, 2018

Army should not indulge in politics: Javed Hashmi

Vetera­n politi­cian questi­ons Bajwa Doctri­ne

April 1, 2018