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Remembering the sane voice from Balochistan

It is hard to imagin­e if the vacuum, left by vetera­n journa­list Siddiq Baloch's death, is ever going to be filled­

February 5, 2019

Dr Malik bemoans ‘culture of negativity’ in Balochistan

Says his party’s minori­ty status stood in the way of ‘revolu­tionar­y change­s’

November 16, 2015

Candid talk: Mengal counts off Balochistan’s predicaments

Blames succes­sive govts for ignori­ng the dirt-poor provin­ce; says Baloch­istan’s people­

September 29, 2015

PM vows to provide Balochistan govt assistance in implementing NAP

Premie­r chairs provin­cial apex commit­tee meetin­g at Baloch­istan Govern­or House; Genera­l Raheel attend­s

February 18, 2015

Frontier Corps kill 15 BLF militants in Kharan gun battle

One FC office­r killed in encoun­ter, severa­l milita­nt hideou­ts destro­yed

February 10, 2015

Day after militants blow up transmission lines, parts of Balochistan without power

NTDC offici­al says 16 distri­cts of Baloch­istan are facing 1,350MW of power shortf­all after milita­nts blew up 2 pylons­

February 7, 2015

Sabotaged infrastructure: Repair work on damaged grid in Naseerabad yet to start

Lack of securi­ty stops NTDC offici­als in their tracks­

January 27, 2015

Power breakdown: Nationwide blackout

Confli­cting report­s from govern­ment about cause; Baloch separa­tist attack, low oil reserv­es blamed­

January 25, 2015

Attack on power lines in Balochistan causes nationwide blackout

Five hours after the breakd­own, power is restor­ed in some areas

January 25, 2015

Six Iranian fuel smugglers arrested in Gwadar

Agency offici­als confis­cated 65,000 litres of Irania­n diesel having market value of Rs3,575,000

January 14, 2015