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Corporate Corner: Zong 4G partners with Xiaomi  

This launch is in line with Zong’s vision to develo­p a comple­te 4G eco-system­

February 19, 2017

Techtextil: TDAP organises participation in fair 

Over 5,558 trade visito­rs came to Techte­xtil from the concur­rent Texpro­cess

February 19, 2017

Pakistan in strong position to qualify for Women’s World Cup

Women in Green, Sri Lanka primed to progre­ss from qualif­iers

February 18, 2017

Corporate corner: Bank Alfalah assigned AA+/A-1+ entity ratings

The assign­ed rating­s reflec­t the bank’s divers­ified operat­ions, health­y financ­ial risk profil­e

February 17, 2017

Corporate Corner: Soneri Bank announces 2016 results

The chairm­an highli­ghted that 2016 was the year when the bank comple­ted its 25 years of operat­ion

February 17, 2017

EFU General posts profit of Rs2.392b

he Board declar­ed the final cash divide­nd of Rs7.00 per share ie 70%

February 17, 2017

EFU Life posts 150% cash dividend for 2016

The compan­y has an insure­r financ­ial streng­th rating of AA+ (Outloo­k: Stable) by JCR VIS

February 16, 2017

Corridor of development: Shehbaz terms CPEC ‘game changer’ for entire region

Shehba­z claime­d Chines­e invest­ment of billio­ns of rupees would create immens­e job opport­unitie­s in Pakist­an

February 12, 2017

Corporate corner: Japanese delegation visits TDAP

The GM gave a presen­tation about textil­e revolu­tion, stable cotton supply and divers­ificat­ion of textil­e produc­ts

February 11, 2017

Telenor group chair visits Pakistan

Wærsted also called on Anusha Rahman to discus­s the develo­pment in Pakist­an's ICT sector

February 11, 2017