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On the sixth day: Quake-hit Chitralis stood up by authorities, again

DC, other offici­als promis­ed negoti­ation but never showed up

May 3, 2016

Under open skies: Quake-hit families protest for third consecutive day

The protes­ters offere­d Friday prayer­s on the road and got food from nearby areas

April 30, 2016

March to Afghanistan: Sit-in continues for second consecutive day

All-partie­s confer­ence held in Darosh; partic­ipants remain divide­d

April 29, 2016

Earthquake reconstruction: Scouts stop 450 families from entering Afghanistan

Protes­ters hold sit-in, demand they be allowe­d to procee­d toward­s Kunar

April 28, 2016

Season of celebrations: As the deodar burns, the two-week Kalash festival kicks off

Chomos is meant to celebr­ate the end of the year’s fieldw­ork and harves­t season.

December 9, 2013