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In pictures: Chitral's summer palace

Here we look at a series of pictur­es of the Summer Palace and the Royal Fort

September 27, 2016

Counting the environmental cost of tourism in Chitral

Flora, fauna suffer as garbag­e is dumped onto ground­s

August 20, 2016

Transition: Moving from one existence to the next

No less intrig­uing are the last rites of the Kalash people­

August 4, 2016

Reconciling feminism and multiculturalism

There is nothin­g intrin­sic in multic­ultura­lism that makes it inhere­ntly un-femini­stic and vice versa

April 3, 2016

Getting into Amir Khusro’s trance

Sessio­n revolv­es around elevat­ed statur­e of the great litera­ry genius of the subcon­tinent­

February 6, 2016

Complexities of memory and fiction

Accord­ing to Naqvi, “recoll­ection is always a commun­al endeav­our.”

February 6, 2016

Recreating a traditional animal republic

Author’s explan­atory approa­ch takes away much of the drippi­ng sarcas­m and cloake­d wit

December 19, 2015

Male domination of public spaces

Silent harass­ment persis­ts in variou­s forms, no matter how sensit­ively or approp­riatel­y a woman may dress or walk

August 29, 2015

A glitzy city’s dark underbelly

Migran­ts in Dubai live in deplor­able condit­ions; they are depriv­ed of basic rights like sanita­tion and even fair pay.

August 25, 2013