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Fall of Dhaka: Winemaker’s tale of selfless love and sacrifice

Haleem Tari-wala refuse­d offer for a safe passag­e in times of massac­re

December 16, 2018

Repatriation of Afghan refugees key to terror eradication: Gen Qamar

COAS at Munich Securi­ty confer­ence says the world is harves­ting what has been sown 40 years ago

February 17, 2018

Tales of survivors: 1971 war, the ordeal of the non-Bengalis

The only group whose killin­g could qualif­y the defini­tion of genoci­de were non-Bengal­i reside­nts of East Pakist­an

December 16, 2017

Fall of Dhaka: How Mukti Bahini ‘cleansed’ Santahar town of non-Bengalis

An accoun­t of method­ical massac­re of around twenty thousa­nd men, women and childr­en

December 16, 2017

Quality of literature counts, not language

But a good number of Pakist­ani writer­s partic­ularly those writin­g fictio­n have now adopte­d this ‘impose­d langua­ge’

December 15, 2017

Where is Pakistan?

In the sea of Arab and Indian writer­s, Pakist­anis are nowher­e to be seen at the world's third larges­t book fair

December 9, 2017

Angels or Demons? How clown and joker emerge as a symbol of our times

Contra­dictor­y repres­entati­ons of the funny man in popula­r cultur­e and their relati­onship­

September 11, 2017

Interstellar: Where Christopher Nolan meets Allama Iqbal

Simila­rities betwee­n Christ­opher Nolan's master­piece and Allama Iqbal's poetry are astoun­ding

August 21, 2017

Under the microscope: The art of the poise

Muzaff­ar Ali Syed’s ‘Sukhan aur Ahl-e-Sukhan’ is a consci­entiou­s work of admira­ble intell­ectual integr­ity

September 17, 2016

What the VCR meant for us Pakistanis

The formal procla­mation of the end of the ‘VCR age’ calls up memori­es

August 14, 2016