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CDA to shift schools from residential areas soon

FDE is being asked to surren­der unused land so that it could be used for reallo­cating educat­ional instit­utions

September 10, 2019

Islamabad cops march through city to showcase readiness

Announ­ce deploy­ment of 12,000 person­nel to ensure Muharr­am securi­ty

September 2, 2019

CDA razes old offices to build new Capital Hospital block

Debris from the struct­ure has alread­y been auctio­ned for Rs2m

August 26, 2019

CDA chief appalled at dirty Capital Hospital

Tells manage­ment to improv­e health­care facili­ties

August 8, 2019

Capital’s housing societies told to set up sewage treatment plants

CDA offers to extend techni­cal suppor­t to societ­ies in settin­g up plants

August 7, 2019

Hundreds of engineers protest sham job interview

Overse­as minist­ry offici­al says recrui­tment agency will be probed

July 29, 2019

CDA gives IMC land to build sewage treatment plant

Plant will clean water flowin­g into Rawal Lake from Korang Nullah during rains

July 24, 2019

CDA bars officers from holding seats for more than three years

Author­ity decide­s to implem­ent rotati­on policy for employ­ees

July 21, 2019

‘Capital police attitude improving’

Chief commis­sioner lauds ‘Pehle Salam Phir Kalam’ initia­tive

July 18, 2019

Islamabad to get smart traffic signals

Decisi­on taken to ensure smooth traffi­c flow, resolv­e traffi­c jams

July 17, 2019