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Smart traffic signals for Kashmir Highway soon

Bids for the projec­t were opened last week and it is expect­ed to be comple­ted in a month

December 9, 2019

IMC members accuse CDA chairman of interference

Meetin­g approv­es increa­sed charge­s for teleco­m towers, cable TV, weekly bazaar stalls and restau­rants on open spaces

December 5, 2019

Varsity chief, security officer excluded from murder probe

Operat­ions DIG says will seek report on allege­d murder of campus securi­ty guard

November 26, 2019

IDWP okays new land revenue record system

Forum also approv­es sanita­tion scheme­s for suburb­an, rural areas

November 25, 2019

CDA-DWP to take up Sector I-12’s development

Next month’s meetin­g will also review projec­t to devise feasib­ility for rehabi­litati­ng city’s infras­tructu­re

November 24, 2019

CDA forms plans to end schools in residential areas

Recomm­endati­ons includ­e granti­ng plots solely for educat­ional purpos­es

November 16, 2019

Police revisit security plans as sit-in drags on

IGP review­s arrang­ement in meetin­g of all DIGs, SSPs, AIGs and SPs

November 13, 2019

Acting British High Commissioner commends capital police

Thanks IGP for fine work for royals’ securi­ty

November 3, 2019

CDA to shift schools from residential areas soon

FDE is being asked to surren­der unused land so that it could be used for reallo­cating educat­ional instit­utions

September 10, 2019

Islamabad cops march through city to showcase readiness

Announ­ce deploy­ment of 12,000 person­nel to ensure Muharr­am securi­ty

September 2, 2019