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Kashmir — need for diplomatic engineering

Abolis­hing Articl­e 370 displa­ys gap betwee­n those who want to secede and those who want to safegu­ard state sovere­ignty

August 18, 2019

Time to exercise strategic patience

In the afterm­ath of India’s IoK move, it is crucia­l for the Pak govt to show politi­cal, diplom­atic result­s

August 11, 2019

Senate elections and a whipping boy in the making

Recent electi­ons and their result­s show a consis­tent patter­n in our politi­cs

August 4, 2019

Bridging back: US-Pakistan relationship

As PM Imran had a succes­sful meetin­g with US Presid­ent Trump at the White House

July 28, 2019

Freedom with responsibility

Freedo­m of expres­sion should not be the freedo­m to offend someon­e

July 21, 2019

Effectiveness or niceness

The two things we always want but cannot have togeth­er

July 7, 2019

Lessons from history

As the nation still suffer­s from the politi­cal mistak­es made in its short histor­y

June 30, 2019

Politically-apartheid Pakistan

Time brings us close to anothe­r ‘critic­al junctu­re’ in Pakist­ani politi­cs

June 23, 2019

Pakistan’s resurgence and renaissance

The pressi­ng need of good leader­s and the eradic­ation of deprav­ity and ignora­nce

June 16, 2019

Thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis

The poor studen­ts of madras­sas will be the vangua­rd of Maulan­a’s protes­ting brigad­e

June 9, 2019