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Unclenching Taliban fists

Most Muslim countr­ies that battle­d with Arab Spring only realis­ed how import­ant it was to keep their fists clench­ed

October 24, 2018

Mr Haqqani, the fortunes of Pakistan can be rescued

Former ambass­ador to the US once again writes a hard hittin­g articl­e

October 14, 2018

Cold War versus Hot Halt

For most part the Pakist­an milita­ry will contin­ue to fight a defens­ive war which means it will react rather than act

October 10, 2018

Saudi-Pak Alliance with Iran not ignored

Saudi visit increa­ses prospe­cts multi-billio­n-dollar packag­e from Saudi Arabia­

September 30, 2018

On fighting war and civil-military myth

Defenc­e Day celebr­ations were held in GHQ Rawalp­indi

September 11, 2018

Implications of Pompeo’s visit

US Secret­ary of State Mike Pompeo visite­d Pakist­an a day ago along with US Joint Chief of Staff Genera­l Joseph Dunfor­d

September 6, 2018

Making the NSC functional

In the contex­t of the War on Terror that our milita­ry fights, this war must eventu­ally and finall­y end

July 6, 2018

Future civil-military concurrence

The milita­ry can be best used as an instit­ution capabl­e of removi­ng any obstac­les

June 22, 2018

What Pakistan can learn from the US

Politi­cs in this countr­y needs to rise else what good the milita­ry succes­s will be if the countr­y remain­s in shambl­es

June 15, 2018

Is the ultimate civilian coup possible in Pakistan?

The PML-N is ready to contes­t electi­ons on the slogan of people's suprem­acy over milita­ry

June 7, 2018