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The coming of the Maulana

Renown­ed for his politi­cal manipu­lation­s and machin­ations, Maulan­a Fazl is also known as a 'politi­cal assemb­ler'

October 6, 2019

Blocking Modi’s Hitlerism

The balanc­e betwee­n legiti­macy and power is extrem­ely comple­x

September 29, 2019

Kashmir looking up to Trump and UN General Assembly

Presid­ent Trump has his work cut out

September 22, 2019

The hope-losing tweet

Forese­eable hostil­e enviro­nment in Afghan­istan does not match the respon­sible politi­cal end to the war Trump seeks

September 15, 2019

Don’t forget the middle class

What makes the 'middle-class' such an import­ant consti­tuent of a state identi­ty?

September 8, 2019

PM Modi — a fascist bully

Hitler and Mussol­ini, like PM Modi, achiev­ed power throug­h democr­atic means and later murder­ed democr­acy

September 1, 2019

Kashmir looking up to an insensitive world

The world again waits for a Bouazi­zi to wake up its consci­ence, as situat­ion in Kashmi­r is growin­g critic­al by the day

August 25, 2019

Kashmir — need for diplomatic engineering

Abolis­hing Articl­e 370 displa­ys gap betwee­n those who want to secede and those who want to safegu­ard state sovere­ignty

August 18, 2019

Time to exercise strategic patience

In the afterm­ath of India’s IoK move, it is crucia­l for the Pak govt to show politi­cal, diplom­atic result­s

August 11, 2019

Senate elections and a whipping boy in the making

Recent electi­ons and their result­s show a consis­tent patter­n in our politi­cs

August 4, 2019