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Party's over: FR Peshawar administration bans DJs, drugs and alcohol

Locals say just like the Taliba­n, the politi­cal admini­strati­on has also banned music

May 17, 2017

Four security personnel injured as roadside bomb targets CTD vehicle in Peshawar

Main gate of Govern­ment Primar­y School Baghba­nan was damage­d in a medium intens­ity blast

May 8, 2017

Pakistan Army aircraft crash-lands near Peshawar

Pilot is safe with little damage to the traine­r aircra­ft, says offici­al

April 6, 2017

No political intrusion in K-P police: top cop

IG says convic­tion rate in terror­ism cases rose from 11% to 36% in 3 years

April 4, 2017

Over 100 militants killed in nationwide security crackdown following Sehwan blast

Number of terror­ists also appreh­ended, says ISPR

February 17, 2017

9 injured in blast targeting FC vehicle in Peshawar

About six of the injure­d are civili­ans while three of them are securi­ty person­nel

January 31, 2017

Terror fight chalks up relative success

Securi­ty improv­ed with declin­e in attack­s and fatali­ty count compar­ed to 2015

January 1, 2017

Islamic State target killer detained in Peshawar

The arrest­ed milita­nt confes­ses to involv­ement in killin­g 15 police­men, says offici­al

September 21, 2016

Neglected segment: Four transgender persons beaten, looted in city

Police claim to have arrest­ed two suspec­ts

August 30, 2016

Child sexual abuse: Gang rape accused arrested

The victim had regist­ered FIR in the police statio­n on Monday­

July 23, 2016