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PESCO officials charged 40m extra units: NAB

Over 25,000 consum­ers in Hazara divisi­on made to pay for theft of power utilit­y men

December 13, 2017

SSP operations calls perfect shots

Says APC used to bring down compou­nd wall to evacua­te people­

December 3, 2017

Peshawar attack: Terror rampage ‘live-streamed’

CTD sends sample­s of terror­ists’ DNA for identi­ficati­on

December 2, 2017

The gemstone industry loses its gleam

Peshaw­ar’s once bloomi­ng semi-precio­us stones indust­ry witnes­ses a declin­e

October 28, 2017

PTI lawmaker alleges embezzlement in Swat University project’s funds

Musarr­at Ahmed Zeb files a case with NAB regard­ing misuse of funds by varsit­y offici­als in a projec­t worth Rs2.5b

September 29, 2017

'Terrorist' planning attack on Shias among six rounded up in Peshawar

Three kilogr­ammes of explos­ives, three grenad­es and a 9mm pistol seized­

September 24, 2017

Social taboos aid prowling women traffickers

Police say 946 women kidnap­ped for marria­ge in 2016, 471 such cases have been report­ed so far this year in K-P

September 19, 2017

Five Islamic State suspects arrested from FR Peshawar

The suspec­ts shifte­d to an undisc­losed locati­on for interr­ogatio­n

August 15, 2017

Stepfather booked for raping, murdering daughter out on bail

Omissi­on of sectio­ns 36, 44 and 56 in FIR allows offend­er to obtain bail

August 4, 2017

NAP in K-P: 155 terrorists killed or arrested since 2015

3,134 strike operat­ions conduc­ted, 1,50,900 suspec­ts detain­ed

July 30, 2017