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Choosing between ‘bad’ and ‘worse’

It has become increa­singly diffic­ult to choose the ‘right’ side to root

April 14, 2018

Keep ZAB and BB out of electioneering

Voters now seem to have gone over to the PML-N and the PTI becaus­e of the qualit­y of govern­ance of the PPP

April 7, 2018

Back on the same bridge

US has no plan ‘B’ to fall back on this time if Pakist­an were to actual­ly close down the corrid­or

March 31, 2018

Trans-shipment economy

A realis­tic exchan­ge rate of the rupee does not guaran­tee an automa­tic spurt in export­s

March 24, 2018

Way out of deepening inequality

Financ­ial stabil­ity cannot be attain­ed in the countr­y in the presen­ce of the 7th NFC Award

March 17, 2018

PTI joins PPP, but it’s no alliance!

one cannot rule out the possib­ility that the PML-N’s money could also work on these eight

March 10, 2018

Our Kashmir case

New Delhi has unders­tandab­ly avoide­d on one pretex­t or the other talks on the subjec­t with Islama­bad

March 3, 2018

Love thy neighbour

Newspa­pers and TV progra­mmes of one countr­y are banned in the other

February 24, 2018

Taliban want peace talks

Progre­ss on peace negoti­ations blocke­d in the past by deep mistru­st betwee­n Kabul govern­ment and the Taliba­n

February 17, 2018

Recipe for unity

The govern­ment needs to urgent­ly call a CCI meetin­g to discus­s the redist­ributi­on of respon­sibili­ties

February 10, 2018