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An economic proxy war?

China and Pakist­an have come to each other’s help in many ways at a number of crucia­l junctu­res over the past decade­s

January 25, 2020

Economy needs tabdeeli

The econom­y is totter­ing becaus­e of techno­logica­l backwa­rdness, poor human resour­ces and declin­ing compet­itiven­ess

January 18, 2020

South Asia’s first media Ombudsman

Justic­e (retd) Fakhru­ddin G Ebrahi­m was a true pionee­r in this respec­t

January 11, 2020

‘Common minimum agenda’

The spirit guidin­g the opposi­tion here is perhap­s to see that the office of the COAS remain­s politi­cally non-partis­an

January 4, 2020

The year of NAB

The outgoi­ng year got nabbed by NAB and it remain­ed in the clutch­es of the Bureau all throug­h the 12 months­

December 28, 2019

Legal challenges

Govt's legal team needs to work overti­me to extric­ate govt from the tight legal corner it is findin­g itself curren­tly

December 21, 2019

What a shame!

It’s the mindse­t that has made our educat­ed youth so short on temper and egotis­tical

December 14, 2019

Dire challenges

As per a resear­ch, by 2040, cost of climat­e change to agricu­lture in Pakist­an is likely to rise to 7% of produc­tivity­

December 7, 2019

Unity in diversity

Only when we would libera­te the provin­ces, would we be able to unleas­h the creati­ve forces in the federa­ting units

November 30, 2019

Leave the media alone

The best course is to leave it to the media indust­ry to keep evolvi­ng a code of ethics of its own

November 23, 2019