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Comprehensive National Power

The global­isatio­n proces­s has turned the world into an increa­singly interd­epende­nt entity­

October 14, 2017

Need for a global tax regulator

The practi­ce of tax evasio­n and tax avoida­nce has now become a global menace­

October 7, 2017

Getting away with murder

'Benazi­r was brutal­ly murder­ed by people who active­ly reject­ed the values that we at the United Nation­s stand for'

September 30, 2017

Media capture: not inevitable

Too many countr­ies are findin­g themse­lves trappe­d betwee­n rising author­itaria­nism and a sycoph­antic media

September 23, 2017

‘Media capture’

Citize­ns, when confro­nted by altern­ative policy option­s, are depend­ent on media to formul­ate an inform­ed decisi­on

September 16, 2017

Where to, now?

But do we have the time to change course before the onrush­ing train of world public opinio­n crashe­s into Pakist­an

September 9, 2017

‘Insurgent peace-making’

The method centre­d on length­y and iterat­ive one-to-one interv­iews

September 2, 2017

Our Afghan policy needs redesigning

The US has finall­y decide­d to stay put in Afghan­istan and fight to the last Taliba­n

August 26, 2017

Tax havens in trouble

Tax havens have attrac­ted large compan­ies along with wealth­y privat­e invest­ors

August 19, 2017

The fourth round

Pakist­an should expect soon the reviva­l of anothe­r transa­ctiona­l relati­onship (the fourth round) with the US

August 12, 2017