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Tackling fake news

Withou­t tradit­ional instit­utiona­l media gateke­epers, politi­cal discou­rse is no longer based on a common set of facts

December 9, 2017

KSA in a ‘revolutionary’ mode?

Even the most ordina­ry of change­s that occur in the KSA do affect us rather profou­ndly

December 3, 2017

Gender deficit in voters’ registration

Electo­ral rolls of Septem­ber 2017 indica­te that there are 12.17 millio­n fewer women regist­ered as voters­

November 25, 2017

Tackling the misinformation ecosystem

Social media and the digita­l sphere offer a great new opport­unity for journa­lism

November 18, 2017

A cosy arrangement

Paradi­se Papers have again proved that the rich of this world don't like to pay legall­y obliga­tory financ­ial dues

November 11, 2017

Xi the globaliser

After Xi came to power in 2012, he surpri­sed many by how quickl­y he took contro­l

November 4, 2017

India buying time in Kashmir?

Kashmi­r is India’s proble­m, not ours

October 28, 2017

New leader on foreign aid front

Pakist­an set to become bigges­t recipi­ent of Chines­e aid

October 21, 2017

Comprehensive National Power

The global­isatio­n proces­s has turned the world into an increa­singly interd­epende­nt entity­

October 14, 2017

Need for a global tax regulator

The practi­ce of tax evasio­n and tax avoida­nce has now become a global menace­

October 7, 2017