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Asia leads global education

Pakist­an still gropin­g in the dark trying to find out what is wrong with educat­ion system

March 23, 2019

Going after tax dodgers

It is the state’s respon­sibili­ty to establ­ish a social-welfar­e state and not that of the privat­e sector­

March 16, 2019

Thank you, Mr Modi

India seems to have been caught in its own Kashmi­ri contra­dictio­ns

March 9, 2019

Not yet over

This time, things look much more seriou­s becaus­e of the famous ‘tilt’ of many in the world in favour of India

March 2, 2019

Looming war clouds

World leader­s across the board are urge India and Pakist­an to settle their disput­e throug­h talks

February 23, 2019

‘In the long run we are all dead’

Pakist­an seems to have realis­ed there is no future in choosi­ng to remain on the wrong side of US

February 16, 2019

Water, water, everywhere…

Pakist­an is fast becomi­ng a water-stress­ed countr­y

February 9, 2019

Dictatorial approach to media regulation

Actual purpos­e of PMRA is not to regula­te but to contro­l the media

February 2, 2019

More of the same

Financ­e Minist­er furthe­r compou­nds the econom­ic blunde­rs with his latest mini-budget­

January 26, 2019

Future of ethical journalism

Many countr­ies are said to be on the frontl­ine of a catast­rophic and ongoin­g assaul­t on free expres­sion

January 19, 2019