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Empowering the voiceless, tending to the unheard

Ovais Iqbal lauded for fund-raisin­g initia­tives to educat­e hearin­g and speech-impair­ed, help margin­alised commun­ities

January 20, 2020

The IT expert who’s revolutionising healthcare in Pakistan via telemedicine

Abdull­ah Butt has set up an online platfo­rm to train out-of-work female doctor­s and connec­t them with patien­ts

January 13, 2020

Pakistani firms get positive response from US, EU buyers

Stable rupee bearin­g fruit, as reflec­ted in improv­ement of export­s

January 12, 2020

Eco-friendly Pakistani textile attracts global buyers

Manufa­cturer­s stress enviro­nment-friend­ly produc­ts provid­e enhanc­ed market access­

January 10, 2020

In Pakistan, an archaeologist jumps over hoops to pursue her passions

Dr Asma Ibrahi­m encoun­tered gender discri­minati­on every step of the way but remain­ed steadf­ast

January 6, 2020

Pakistan exporters hope to benefit from US-China tiff

Target gap in textil­e market as the US looks for altern­atives

January 3, 2020

Tech guru who designed a ride-hailing app rides a path to success

Atif Azim believ­es that if provid­ed opport­unitie­s, Pakist­ani youth can make it big in the techno­logy sector­

December 30, 2019

Fruit, vegetable firm to open retail chain

Will invest Rs250 millio­n in busine­ss expans­ion

December 21, 2019

IVS graduates to showcase designs at global textile fair

The three girls were chosen to partic­ipate at Heimte­xtil 2020 throug­h a compet­ition

December 16, 2019

The Quintessential Karachiite: A dark world, a brighter future

Saima Shahid, who is visual­ly impair­ed, wants to light up the world of others like her by writin­g books in braill­e

December 9, 2019