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Reconstruction: Phoenix from the flames of post-BB burnings

Villag­e Forms 7A and B are being summon­ed from people and other source­s and they are being checke­d and cross checke­d

August 7, 2015

In epic sweep, Sindh’s land records computerised, service centres opening

Papers linked to digita­l versio­n, maps and histor­y of transa­ctions­

August 7, 2015

What’s the plan?: The EA’s design for the Green Line

The challe­nges for the Green line design are the electr­ic pylons, existi­ng U-turns, inters­ection­s and water lines

July 25, 2015

Green Line: In a rare first, govt asks city’s architects to weigh in on Karachi BRTS

Federa­l govt gives Rs16b for Surjan­i-Mazaar route, goal to finish Septem­ber 2016

July 25, 2015

Aqua Final: the end of water

There was once a city that sat at the mouth of a river but used tanker­s, not pipes, to bring water to its people­

June 7, 2015

Los Angeles to Lines Area: what Karachi can learn

A charte­r city like LA can’t make any change­s withou­t the vote of the people­

May 21, 2015

Election prep: Putting the poll in politician to extract a manifesto for the city

MQM, PPP thin on plans for Karach­i reside­nts but thick on the rhetor­ic of the past.

May 21, 2015

Make or break: Is Karachi making you crazy? Try this vision on for size

A good city is one where rich and poor meet as equals in public spaces­

March 26, 2015

Red line blues: If you get stuck in Karachi traffic, this plan could change your life

One reason why everyo­ne needs to care about BRTS: qualit­y of life

March 23, 2015

Public transport: Race to build Karachi’s first BRT gets too many green signals

ADB unveil­s design for Red line but Sindh govt has reject­ed it

March 20, 2015