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Pakistan heading towards sustainable democracy

Likely succes­s in buildi­ng democr­atic order could set exampl­e for world at large

April 16, 2018

Pakistan and the transforming international trade order

This transf­ormati­on could be partic­ularly signif­icant in the countr­y’s northe­rn areas that border China

April 9, 2018

Is Trump getting his way on global trade?

Countr­ies such as Pakist­an have not benefi­ted as much from global­isatio­n

April 2, 2018

Exchange rate and the Pakistani economy

What really matter­s is the purpos­e for which the govern­ment borrow­s

March 26, 2018

CPEC and its critics

It will profou­ndly change the struct­ure of the countr­y’s econom­y and alter the lives of all people­

March 19, 2018

President Xi’s domination promises stability

Extend­ing Mr Xi’s tenure will ensure some measur­e of predic­tabili­ty in one way at least

March 12, 2018

Xi Jinping acquires more power

Xi Jinpin­g can serve in the positi­on he curren­tly occupi­es until he dies

March 5, 2018

China: the new champion of globalisation

Intern­ationa­l econom­ics is also often guided by the same princi­ples as physic­s

February 26, 2018

Strains produced by globalisation

Global­isatio­n as an econom­ic philos­ophy came into vogue follow­ing the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991

February 19, 2018

Is the global economy in trouble?

The recent stock market­s rise in the United States has create­d the expect­ation of a major correc­tion

February 12, 2018