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Pakistan and Turkey: case studies of economies in stress

With the electi­ons of July 2018, Pakist­an has moved toward­s stabil­ity while Turkey looks uncert­ain

August 20, 2018

Pakistan should follow Denmark’s example

The Denmar­k exampl­e and experi­ence shows that a countr­y depend­ent on agricu­lture can achiev­e First World standa­rd

August 13, 2018

Imran Khan’s political rise: The context

The Turkis­h, Bangla­deshi and Egypti­an exampl­es have many lesson­s for Imran Khan as he begins to run Pakist­an

August 6, 2018

Islamabad’s worldview under Imran Khan

Imran Khan expres­ses the wish to see better relati­ons with India

July 30, 2018

Leading up to the 2018 elections

Counti­ng the one schedu­led for July 25, 2018, the countr­y would have gone to the polls 10 times since 1985

July 24, 2018

Leading up to the 2018 elections

Pakist­anis set to vote in their 12th genera­l electi­ons

July 23, 2018

Five pillars of the political structure

In erecti­ng the politi­cal struct­ure Pakist­an did not follow a partic­ular design­

July 16, 2018

Strongmen in Pakistan’s political history

There is a lesson for Pakist­an to learn from the experi­ence of Malays­ia and South Africa­

July 9, 2018

Which way Pakistani politics?

Indepe­ndent judici­ary, free press are import­ant in keepin­g in check any latent desire for strong­man rule

July 2, 2018

Driving the world towards a trade war

Trump treate­d trade defici­ts as a sign of econom­ic weakne­ss

June 25, 2018