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The year 2018: was it good or bad for Pakistan?

Only with a positi­ve outloo­k by the citize­ns will the world outsid­e begin to view the countr­y differ­ently

January 14, 2019

Some questions about Pakistan’s future

In the wake of PTI's electi­on victor­y

January 7, 2019

Imran Khan and the changing Middle East

The decisi­on to withdr­aw Americ­an troops from Syria was announ­ced withou­t any consul­tation with Washin­gton’s allies­

December 31, 2018

The making of foreign policy in the world of Islam

The four conten­ding politi­cal orders­

December 24, 2018

Let chips fall where they may

China’s politi­cal system allows quick switch­es in econom­ic strate­gies

December 17, 2018

G-20 in Buenos Aires

In most of their meetin­gs, the heads of state have discus­sed econom­ic issues­

December 10, 2018

America’s travails in Afghanistan

The develo­ping situat­ion in the war-torn countr­y and Pakist­an's involv­ement

December 3, 2018

Politics of hate and extremism in India

Low-caste people and Muslim­s were not the only target­s of the Hindu extrem­ists who domina­te the BJP

November 26, 2018

Pakistan’s place in the Trump global disorder

Not a new world order

November 19, 2018

PM Imran Khan’s maiden trip to China

Pakist­an suffer­ed from sharp increa­ses in the fiscal and balanc­e-of-paymen­ts gaps

November 12, 2018