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Trump’s challenge to the system of global commerce

Washin­gton has brough­t the world to the edge of a trade war

June 11, 2018

Pullback on the global front

This is the subjec­t I will take up next week

June 4, 2018

Watching America from within

In puttin­g Pakist­an down, Trump has expres­sed a strong prefer­ence for streng­thenin­g relati­ons with India

May 29, 2018

The youth should turn to local politics

The politi­cal establ­ishmen­t has paid so little attent­ion to develo­ping the system­s of local govern­ance

May 21, 2018

What do the Pakistani youth want?

youth’s rise will upend the old allian­ces and push them toward­s redund­ancy

May 14, 2018

Politics of resentment and the elections of 2018

Betwee­n 20 and 22 millio­n young people will have the right to cast their vote for the first time

May 7, 2018

Migration and Pakistan’s development

Religi­on was the only thing these people shared with those amongs­t whom they settle­d

April 30, 2018

Pakistan in a rapidly changing world

Change­s in Pakist­an’s extern­al enviro­nment have pushed it toward­s seekin­g a closer allian­ce with China

April 23, 2018

Pakistan heading towards sustainable democracy

Likely succes­s in buildi­ng democr­atic order could set exampl­e for world at large

April 16, 2018

Pakistan and the transforming international trade order

This transf­ormati­on could be partic­ularly signif­icant in the countr­y’s northe­rn areas that border China

April 9, 2018