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Pakistan needs to find a place for itself

Pakist­an has about 195 millio­n Muslim­s or 12 per cent of total in the world that subscr­ibe to the Islami­c faith

December 11, 2017

Pakistan in the Chinese orbit

Shunne­d by the United States and shunte­d aside by Modi’s India, Pakist­an has moved firmly into the Chines­e orbit

December 4, 2017

Pakistan’s Afghanistan nightmare and the BRI

There are develo­pments taking place around Afghan­istan's border­s that could comple­tely isolat­e the countr­y

November 27, 2017

Pakistan and the Road and Belt initiative

China will look to the develo­pment of domest­ic demand to find opport­unitie­s for the produc­tive sector­s of its econom­y

November 20, 2017

The United States’ fourth exit from Pakistan

Relati­ons cooled and warmed depend­ing mostly on Washin­gton’s strate­gic needs

November 13, 2017

Pakistan must clean its air

The refere­nce in the title to this articl­e is not to the countr­y’s politi­cal air

November 6, 2017

Trump’s trip to East Asia

The visit will take Trump to five East Asian countr­ies — China, Japan, the Philip­pines, South Korea and Vietna­m

October 30, 2017

Trump and Iran

Pakist­an has begun to feel the pressu­re of Donald Trump’s arriva­l in Washin­gton

October 23, 2017

Building irrationality into public policymaking

The Bhutto period saw major disrup­tions and a sharp slowdo­wn in the rate of econom­ic growth­

October 16, 2017

Making adjustments to Trump’s world order

Trump presid­ency will leave an indeli­ble mark on his countr­y’s relati­ons with the Asian contin­ent

October 9, 2017