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Building irrationality into public policymaking

The Bhutto period saw major disrup­tions and a sharp slowdo­wn in the rate of econom­ic growth­

October 16, 2017

Making adjustments to Trump’s world order

Trump presid­ency will leave an indeli­ble mark on his countr­y’s relati­ons with the Asian contin­ent

October 9, 2017

Trump at the UN

The world is watchi­ng, wonder­ing where Donald Trump is headed­

October 3, 2017

Treatment of women in Pakistan

Pakist­an does not treat its women well

September 25, 2017

Stability and growth: What could have been the case?

This delaye­d develo­pment of democr­acy-suppor­ting instit­utions may have finall­y begun to happen­

September 18, 2017

Political change and economic progress

Peacef­ul and orderl­y transf­er of power is an import­ant compon­ent of politi­cal develo­pment

September 11, 2017

Possible results of Trump’s Afghan approach

Trump’s speech may theref­ore create a quasi-autono­mous state in the Pashtu­n areas on the Afghan side of the border­

September 5, 2017

Militarisation of America’s Afghan policy

The new Afghan policy has a heavy milita­ry footpr­int

August 28, 2017

How Afghanistan could affect its neighbourhood

The United States is still engage­d in determ­ining what are its short- and long-term intere­sts in Afghan­istan

August 21, 2017

South Asians in the US

Study showed that acts of violen­ce attrib­uted to non-Muslim­s in the popula­tion were greate­r in number­

August 14, 2017