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A hiccup on route to the final settlement

Not only did Trump move scuttl­ed negoti­ations; he also invite­d Islama­bad to play the game

September 16, 2019

Political strains in the West

For almost half a centur­y, Moscow had offere­d to the world an altern­ative way of govern­ing

September 9, 2019

Trump taking the world towards another recession

If global recess­ion does come around it would coinci­de with Pakist­an’s attemp­ts to bolste­r its export­s

September 2, 2019

Pakistan’s Afghan problem

Contin­ued fighti­ng will most likely produc­e anothe­r wave of Afghan refuge­es into Pakist­an

August 26, 2019

Pakistan’s options in Kashmir

Modi is moving India toward­s its demise­

August 19, 2019

Imran Khan’s subtle messages to the American President

Imran Khan had a more comple­x agenda in mind when he sat down with Donald Trump in the White House

August 5, 2019

The United State’s Iran dealings

For Trump admini­strati­on bringi­ng about ‘regime change’ has been the ultima­te object­ive

July 29, 2019

The Christian West’s ongoing quarrel with the Muslim East

It is diffic­ult to predic­t how this cycle will end and where it is likely to take Wester­n societ­ies

July 22, 2019

Defining the American nationhood

Even some Republ­icans are worrie­d that Trump has taken their party in a direct­ion they do not approv­e of

July 15, 2019

G20 and the Asian continent

As Imran's govt aims to find its footin­g in the global instit­ution

July 8, 2019