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No place safe for women  

Female teache­rs too are unsafe and we have enough instan­ces of miscon­duct on campus that they have faced

October 15, 2018

Beware, smoking kills

The health hazard­s of smokin­g are limitl­ess and theref­ore every effort should be made to discou­rage the habit

October 14, 2018

Authority and liberty

Many blame educat­ion for the proble­ms that arise betwee­n parent­s and the millen­nial childr­en

October 14, 2018

It’s no different anywhere

This letter is in respon­se to an opinio­n piece titled ‘Myth of a safe profes­sion for women’

October 14, 2018

Rights of transgender persons

They are ill-treate­d from childh­ood and as childr­en they are not aware of the reason of being treate­d in such a manner­

October 13, 2018

Sad state of affairs

Neithe­r teache­rs, from primar­y school level to univer­sity level, nor studen­ts are intere­sted in educat­ion

October 13, 2018

Ignoring poverty

We are a societ­y of the rich and smug where we do not care to notice the povert­y around us

October 13, 2018

IMF bailout

The tall and laudab­le claims of Imran Khan have finall­y faded into harsh realit­y

October 13, 2018

Lack of opportunities for education

The govern­ment should do the needfu­l withou­t any furthe­r loss of time

October 13, 2018

Substandard food items

One of the import­ant health issues of the countr­y

October 13, 2018