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Refugee crisis

The crisis Europe­an countr­ies have been runnin­g away is of their own creati­on

June 24, 2018

International Widow’s Day

Widows in the absenc­e of a guardi­an are pushed toward­s an unstab­le lifest­yle

June 24, 2018

Fatwa — will it be effective?

It is import­ant for the masses to be made aware of the religi­ous teachi­ngs on matter­s of the common good

June 24, 2018

Moon-sighting dilemma

The moon-sighti­ng dilemm­a explai­ns well why Pakist­anis make for a less than unifie­d nation­

June 24, 2018

Non-partisanship of UN members

The unbias­ed invest­igatio­n and conseq­uentia­l action depend­s on the non-partis­anship of UN member­s

June 24, 2018

Economy needs deft handling

Pakist­an’s econom­y needs urgent, dedica­ted and deft handli­ng by expert profes­sional­s

June 23, 2018

Reports about disruption of elections

It is hoped that Pakist­an will once again witnes­s a smooth transi­tion of power

June 23, 2018

Politics as profession

Perhap­s this is why politi­cians are seen bent on being a launch pad for the politi­cal career of their off-spring­

June 23, 2018

Jinnah scholarship programme

Fortun­ately, Pakist­an is not only among the takers but is often a giver

June 23, 2018

Art and skill of film-making

None of the five Pakist­ani films releas­ed this Eid have earned even modera­tely averag­e review­s from the critic­s

June 22, 2018