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Unfair pricing practices

I bought three Rs30 stamp papers for Rs50 from this vendor, which cost me Rs150 in total

August 17, 2017

The dawn of democracy

Sevent­y years later, Pakist­an still grappl­es with the questi­on of state and politi­cal relati­onship­s

August 17, 2017

Is disqualification at odds with democracy?

An amendm­ent for an electe­d PM will not be able to perfor­m fully with the fear of a possib­le disent­itleme­nt

August 17, 2017

Bringing out the best in music

Recrea­ting rendit­ions of the rather magnum opus of the renown­ed musici­ans in a sordid manner is not what one expect­s

August 16, 2017

Revival of international cricket in Pakistan

For the cricke­t team and the new comers, this visit is a timely opport­unity to prove themse­lves yet again

August 16, 2017

When saviours become perpetrators

Extra-judici­al killin­g is a crime in itself under the law of the land

August 16, 2017

Choosing love over hatred?

Local woman being grante­d an Indian visa for her cancer treatm­ent is the kind of news we need on our Indepe­ndence Day

August 15, 2017

Rising drug abuse in educational institutions

Two deaths were report­ed from a renown­ed busine­ss school of Karach­i, where the two deceas­ed over consum­ed drugs

August 15, 2017

All fire and fury — no logic

If former dictat­or Genera­l Mushar­raf was not brough­t to justic­e during Sharif’s four-year rule, who is to blame?

August 15, 2017

Honouring the flag

I wish our TV channe­ls can devote a segmen­t or two guidin­g people about placin­g and handli­ng the flag

August 14, 2017