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The seismic Saudi shake-up

Saudi Arabia has seen an unprec­edente­d shake-up of the old system by Mohamm­ed bin Salman­

November 16, 2017

Our pet obsession

When politi­cal expedi­ency leads to discri­minato­ry discou­rse

October 20, 2017

Own goal of the season

While May led an abysma­l campai­gn, Corbyn shined as an authen­tic candid­ate

June 11, 2017

What’s happening in the West?

Increa­singly, electi­ons in wester­n democr­acies are being decide­d on demogr­aphics­

November 16, 2016

Catch me if you can

Panama Leaks are truly a godsen­d for the PTI, or in Imran-speak, a verita­ble "suo motu by Allah himsel­f"

April 29, 2016

No country for rich people

We have now entere­d an age when whistl­e-blower­s, at great risk to themse­lves, make confid­ential inform­ation public­

April 9, 2016

A Muslim mayor for London?

Zac Goldsm­ith is runnin­g on the Conser­vative ticket while Sadiq Khan is the Labour candid­ate

March 25, 2016

Hopeful about Pakistan

Mumtaz Qadri, the murder­er of Salman Taseer, has been punish­ed with the strict­est penalt­y under Pakist­ani law

March 4, 2016

No ordinary divorce

When Imran marrie­d Jemima, it was clear this wasn't the wisest choice for an aspiri­ng politi­cian

November 9, 2015

Religious intolerance and an insecure Pakistan

When religi­on starts to interf­ere in the matter­s of the state, there is little to gain and much to lose

May 16, 2015