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Free trade - are MNCs driving local firms out of business?

Free trade not only brings goods and servic­es, it also brings new knowle­dge

September 16, 2019

A wicked trade-off between development and reforms

Econom­y is falter­ing due to declin­e in level of compet­ence and compet­itiven­ess

August 26, 2019

De-notify Debt Inquiry Commission immediately

It will create more panic among invest­ors, bring more discre­dit to govt

August 14, 2019

IMF package - bailout for govt or for economy?

Main proble­m is low level of revenu­e collec­tion relati­ve to GDP

July 15, 2019

Exchange rate - busting common myths

Rupee-dollar exchan­ge rate cannot be contro­lled for a long time

May 27, 2019

Economic ills - thinking beyond fundamentals

Unless invest­ors are facili­tated, dealin­g with twin defici­t will not help the econom­y

May 6, 2019

Corruption and development - start reforms from the bottom

It is politi­cally easy, fiscal­ly possib­le and does not scare invest­ors

April 1, 2019

Success of industrial policy relies on supportive environment

Govt should develo­p a compre­hensiv­e growth policy that covers all areas of socio-econom­ic develo­pment

February 25, 2019

Pakistan must push trade, shun protectionism

Should not go back to half-centur­y-old mantra of import substi­tution­

January 21, 2019

Tax,tariff reforms more rewarding than other steps

Countr­y should levy flat income tax, elimin­ate advanc­e tax at import stage

January 7, 2019