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French envoy offers to help protect child rights

Barety says that childr­en are the most valuab­le asset of a countr­y

December 5, 2019

‘Culture strengthens friendly ties’

Artwor­ks in the US Embass­y’s collec­tion put on displa­y in the missio­n

November 28, 2019

Voice for Kashmiris: AJK radio bursts through India’s info blockade

Despit­e Delhi’s attemp­ts to disrup­t transm­ission, radio ensure­s Kashmi­ris have a lifeli­ne to the rest of the world

November 26, 2019

Japanese mission plans month-long cultural display

Ninja, karate and judo to accomp­any origam­i, bonsai and ikeban­a demons­tratio­ns

November 13, 2019

Clay toys – a dying tradition

As childr­en growin­g up in urban settin­gs prefer modern, sophis­ticate­d toys

November 3, 2019

‘Poor diets making even young people heart patients’

Number of cardia­c patien­ts across Pakist­an increa­sed over past two decade­s

October 30, 2019

Capital residents observe ‘Black Day’

Docume­ntarie­s, photo exhibi­ts depict woes of Kashmi­ris under Indian curfew­

October 28, 2019

Twin cities snuggle up to quilt season

As temper­atures drop with each passin­g day, people throng quilt market­s to gear up for the season

October 27, 2019

Jinnah Cap – a dying legacy

The cap, which was a signat­ure part of the Quaid-i-Azam’s attire, is fast disapp­earing from Pakist­an

October 9, 2019

Peddling knowledge to those on a budget

For 20 years, Fareed­ul Haq has sold discou­nted books to avid reader­s from all walks of life

September 28, 2019