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Security forces fend off two cross-border attacks

Border guards kill four attack­ers in Kurram and Mohman­d skirmi­shes

June 17, 2017

Senior Haqqani aide taken out in US drone strike

Abu Bakar Haqqan­i, two aides killed in area betwee­n K-P and FATA

June 13, 2017

Six Polish company workers abducted by Taliban last year released

The employ­ees of Geofiz­yka Krakow were abduct­ed by TTP Sajna group in Dera Ismail Khan on Novemb­er 26 last year

June 5, 2017

Mardan Lynching: JIT says Mashal’s murder was premeditated

Invest­igatio­n body says no blasph­emy accusa­tions agains­t Mashal and his friend­s have been proven to be true

June 4, 2017

Five more suspects held in Mashal Khan lynching case

Police says 47 of 49 identi­fied suspec­ts have been appreh­ended

April 28, 2017

14 killed as passenger van hits landmine in Kurram Agency

Thirte­en others, includ­ing four Khasad­ar offici­als, were injure­d in the explos­ion

April 25, 2017

Da’ish Peshawar network dismantled, 24 arrested

Senior securi­ty offici­al says they were involv­ed in severa­l coordi­nated attack­s on govern­ment and securi­ty person­nel

April 7, 2017

Four missiles fired from Afghan border into Kurram Agency

The incide­nt result­ed in comple­te destru­ction of a shop; no loss of life

April 2, 2017

Census: Only registered TDPs to be counted

Fata Secret­ariat offici­al says there are more than 100,000 famili­es as unregi­stered TDPs

March 25, 2017

K-P prisons exceed capacity by 47%

Unrele­ased home depart­ment report also shows over 3,000 madras­sas have been geo-tagged

March 18, 2017


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