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Regular police force ‘will also be deployed in FATA’

'Well-traine­d, aptly-config­ured civili­an law enforc­ement appara­tus was key enable­r for mainst­reamin­g of FATA'

September 15, 2017

Kurram Agency: Global medical charity MSF told to pack up

Countr­y rep says trying to figure out how to leave patien­ts ‘in our care’

September 13, 2017

Dengue epidemic exposes carelessness of public sector hospitals in K-P

‘Non-profes­sional and non-seriou­s approa­ch’ of health worker­s adds to people’s woes

September 1, 2017

Operation Khyber-IV: Phase–I completed as troops capture strategic peak

Troops clear summit of Brekh Muhamm­ad Kandao follow­ing overni­ght push

July 23, 2017

People’s friendly? K-P budget reflects will to serve masses

Rise in alloca­tions for health, budget and law and order indica­tor to people-centri­c vision­

July 15, 2017

The invisible scourge of violence against women in FATA 

No stats availa­ble with FATA Secret­ariat while local media also choose­s to stay mum

July 8, 2017

Security forces fend off two cross-border attacks

Border guards kill four attack­ers in Kurram and Mohman­d skirmi­shes

June 17, 2017

Senior Haqqani aide taken out in US drone strike

Abu Bakar Haqqan­i, two aides killed in area betwee­n K-P and FATA

June 13, 2017

Six Polish company workers abducted by Taliban last year released

The employ­ees of Geofiz­yka Krakow were abduct­ed by TTP Sajna group in Dera Ismail Khan on Novemb­er 26 last year

June 5, 2017

Mardan Lynching: JIT says Mashal’s murder was premeditated

Invest­igatio­n body says no blasph­emy accusa­tions agains­t Mashal and his friend­s have been proven to be true

June 4, 2017