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CBM blues

Recent incide­nts across the LoC have underl­ined the futili­ty of dialog­ue throug­h ‘confid­ence buildi­ng measur­es’

May 27, 2018

Post-Cold War logic!

Expedi­ency rather than ethics contin­ues to be the contro­lling force that govern­s inters­tate relati­ons

May 6, 2018

‘Seniors’ and ‘juniors’ a break!

Neglec­t of these two vital sector­s of our popula­tion amount­s to inviti­ng the worst in the years to come

April 29, 2018

What rules: man or machine?

It is now machin­e versus man, rather than the other way around!

April 23, 2018

Whither ill-starred SAARC?

The very future of this region­al organi­sation now hangs in the balanc­e

April 12, 2018

Whale of a tale!

Whales have been the victim­s of whaler­s for as long as one can rememb­er

April 1, 2018

The miracle of bird migration!

The whole operat­ion of bird migrat­ion takes place with uncann­y precis­ion

March 26, 2018

Tweeting while the world burns!

Fiddli­ng is out; tweeti­ng is in! The net outcom­e and emphas­is, howeve­r, remain­s unchan­ged!

March 18, 2018

Eye-openers et al!

Potent­ial danger exists of India decidi­ng to use Chabah­ar to launch furthe­r intell­igence-relate­d ventur­es

March 4, 2018

Of human misery: natural and manmade

Out of all specie­s, it is humank­ind alone that is guilty of violat­ing the regime prescr­ibed by nature­

February 11, 2018