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Why water needs no fizz

I wonder if anyone has notice­d how broadc­ast media these days is overfl­owing with commer­cials relate­d to bevera­ges?

April 19, 2017

Time to grasp the nettle

The time has come to grasp the nettle­

April 11, 2017

Living in the nuclear make believe!

It is a tad diffic­ult to unders­tand how Pakist­an could afford to commit itself to “no first use” of nuclea­r weapon­s

April 5, 2017

Global warming and other eco disasters

Nature has earned the reputa­tion of being a great levell­er

March 30, 2017

Monkey business

Primat­es are possib­ly the specie­s neares­t to man in the animal world

February 21, 2017

Indo-Pak CBM blues

People on both sides stand to benefi­t from an era of peace

December 7, 2016

A wall to end all walls

When the Berlin Wall finall­y came down, right-thinki­ng people all over the world heaved a collec­tive sigh of relief­

September 11, 2016

Writing off the man in the street

There has been wide covera­ge in the media lately, of the severa­l 'writte­n-off loans' over the past many years

August 7, 2016

Being reckless with taxpayers’ money

Playin­g fast and loose with taxpay­ers’ money

July 27, 2016

The Boeing factor

US feels a Northe­rn Allian­ce regime, with the total exclus­ion of Taliba­n forces, suits its intere­sts in the region­

July 3, 2016