Meet Chota Jatt, the Pakistani superhero

Chota Jatt aims to provide the children of Pakistan with a role model they can relate to.

DaniyalNoorani January 14, 2012
My goal while making Chota Jatt was to provide the children of Pakistan with a character they could relate to. I wanted to give them a role model.

Inspired by Lollywood movies from the 70s and Japanese Anime, Chota Jatt tells the story of the legend behind the man who inspired an entire movie genre (Maula Jatt), and highlights Pakistan's rich culture. The character Chota Jatt uses his strength to fight for justice and to battle against corruption. The series will be high octane, action packed and hilarious.

Currently, in Pakistan there is very little programming done for children, particularly those from the ages of 12-16. With the Chota Jatt pilot I want to prove that there is an appetite for an anime series in Pakistan. It is something that has never been done before, but it is something that is much needed for our youth. Growing up watching cartoons like superman, I always found myself thinking when faced with a moral predicament:
"What would Superman do in such a situation?"

I hope that with Chota Jatt, I can get Pakistani children to think:
"What would Chota Jatt do in such a situation?"
DaniyalNoorani Currently doing business development for a biotech company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In his spare time he writes and plays music. His first single, Find Heaven, addresses radicalization and Taliban militancy and has been shown in a number of film festivals, most recently the London Independent Film Festival. He tweets at @daniyalnoorani
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wasim saqib | 12 years ago | Reply Daniyal the concept and animation are good but the script and dubbing needs improvement. Hope you won't mind the suggestion.
ambereen saadat | 12 years ago | Reply well done........i wrote a blog about the exact same sitauation that we need our very own superheros.....glad you are already working on it....great work....:) i will post u my blog anyways...i am ambereen, a lahore based dentist...not a writer :)
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