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If the status quo of the US-Pak relationship is to be challenged, a change in attitudes must occur in both countries.

DaniyalNoorani August 20, 2011
To call the current US-Pak relationship dysfunctional would, indeed, be an understatement. The recent statement of the US Secretary of Defense, saying that there is no choice but to maintain a good relationship with Pakistan sums up the current state of this relationship perfectly; both are unwilling partners.

If the status quo of the US-Pak relationship is to be challenged, a change in attitudes must occur in both countries. Pakistan needs to stop being portrayed as a delusional and terrorist country, in the US, and the justified grievances of Pakistanis with the US foreign policy must be appreciated. Furthermore, on Pakistan’s side, we as a nation need to take ownership of our problems, and stop deflecting them on others. The realization that a problem exists is the first step towards curing it.

The motivation for Own2Feet, for me, was to portray the Pakistani point of view and to highlight its justified grievances towards an American audience. In addition to this, my aim was to motivate Pakistanis to take ownership of their problems and to be introspective. As for Marria, her view is that Pakistan's relationship with the US is compounding the problems within the country, and wanted to vent her annoyance through her art. She had seen the impact that our first video has had on audiences and wanted to get her message across in a similar fashion.

At the end of the day, the hope is that viewers will enjoy Own2Feet as a piece of provocative entertainment, and that the video will evoke constructive conversations between the two countries.

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