Would you marry your cousin?

The 'ewww' factor outweighs medical reasons for not marrying your cousin for these Karachiites.

Sidrah Moiz October 08, 2011
A recent post "Why you should not marry your cousin" on the medical consequences of marrying within the family sparked intense debate on whether the tradition still has a place in Pakistani society.

While many comments on the post contended that these marriages are permitted both in Islam and by Pakistani law most found them unappealing.

In this video I asked a few young Karachiites whether they would marry their cousins. All of them say no. Besides the general "eww" factor which was the primary reason most interviewed gave for not marrying their cousins, a few said that they did not think it was a healthy decision.


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Sidrah Moiz
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Alina | 12 years ago | Reply I do agree that intermarrying within generations is problematic and should be avoided, but I don't think there is anything wrong with cousin marriages. It was practiced everywhere in the world only until recently, so it's not just a "Pakistani" thing. Also, I heard of a higher occurrence of it in Palestine, where one can say that some want to increase their race. Anyhow, God knows what is best for us and he wouldn't decree or allow anything that would harm us. He didn't make cousin marriages an obligation, didn't even say that it's preferred, but gave us the choice to do so. We should always use our intellect in every facet of our lives, regardless of choosing whether or not to marry our cousins. So if there is an obvious medical hazard, a prevalence of a certain disease in both parties' genes, then don't do it! But we shouldn't say it is wrong or gross.
FAZ | 12 years ago | Reply @TribunePK: I agree! She should have asked this to a "sabzi wala" who might be having 6 children from her "Khala zaad!" and would still be hoping to marry her another widowed mamo zaad!! (to "support" her ofcourse!)
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