CNG woes: Can't you see how miserable you are making us?

Seeing the price of CNG, I happily took a picture from my phone at the petrol pump.It seemed like a dream come true!

Sidrah Moiz December 05, 2012
When I heard that CNG prices would be reduced, I was ecstatic. I, along with people all over Pakistan, celebrated this development.

This reduction was intended to bring respite to the people in an environment of growing expenses and high inflation; it is no secret that here in Pakistan, even buying bare necessities have become difficult for the common man.

Following this price cut, I enthusiastically took a picture from my phone of the new prices stated on the CNG pumps. It all seemed like a dream come true.

Now, it is no less than a nightmare, not just to me, but to all others who once rejoiced over the price cut.

I was happy with paying Rs30.38 extra just to be able to peacefully get my car’s cylinder filled five days a week, while I would have to pay alternatively for petrol on weekends, which would not hurt my pocket as much as it does now.

Life was never this hard.

Of late, however, there is an influx of cars on the road — you know why? Because the cars queued to get CNG occupy the roads, leaving no space for the traffic to pass through. Cylinder blasts are more frequent now — the reason being that drivers have to convert their vehicles from CNG to LPG when the former runs out.

The long lines and traffic jams have become a menace for us citizens. It’s not just a waste of money for us anymore; it has all sadly become a concoction of money, time and life loss. Precious time is wasted waiting and since there is no system to monitor the growing queue of cars, which wind around corners of pumps, intercepting intersections, those waiting in their cars bear the brunt of incessant honking from passing cars, as if the whole thing is somehow our fault — like we chose to wait in our cars purely out of boredom.

I, as an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, who is restricted in the bounds of a monthly budget, would like to request that the CNG association and owners decide the price.

Let them charge us some extra money — for good things in life, including peace of mind, don't come for free!

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Sidrah Moiz
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