Women can drive

Call me a feminist, but I’m against the cliché that women are bad drivers. They are not. I believe men are worse.

Sidrah Moiz September 17, 2011

As much as I hate Karachi’s traffic, I unfortunately work at a place situated far from my house and have to drive my way to work. Whilst driving, I am always surprised to see how drivers around are so loathful to women drivers.

Call me a feminist, but I’m totally against the cliché that women are bad drivers. They are not. I have seen many men displaying berserk driving skills on the roads. Women are just underrated.

Since I have been driving for a long time now; I have come across different people that have given me tough looks for driving. But some of them who tick me off each time with even more intensity:

The grumpy husbands: These guys that you see behind the steering wheels will always look down upon women drivers. They wear a disgruntled expression on their face with their eyebrows knitted together and grinding teeth. Having seen them, you could easily say that they have fought with their wife back at home and venting their anger around.

If you drive past them, it means you are crushing their male ego. He will jump to press the accelerator so that he can beat you and show you his triumphant look while he drives past you. And you are just baffled at what just happened and why.

The Devil’s advocate: They are the wives of the grumpy husbands. They are obedient, they support their husbands when they bully around the women drivers and in some situations they shout something mean at you for having ticked off their husband. Above all, they will ignore how their husbands treat women drivers.

The self-declared racers: This category is found in abundance in different parts of the city. They get an adrenaline rush the moment they see a girl driving. They would want to chase her car and start an uncalled-for race and take utmost pleasure in overtaking your car, without you realizing what’s going on. They are crazy, believe me.

The know-it-all navigators: All the women drivers know what I am talking about here. These are the men who start guiding and directing you while you are reversing or parking or driving or turning even sliding down your window glass! I hate them. Did I ask for your advice? No!

I guess no matter how well women drive, the cliché will continue to haunt us.

Sidrah Moiz
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Sadaf | 12 years ago | Reply I have a question for all the couples here. When you usually go out who drives? The husband or the wife?
neutral one | 12 years ago | Reply the article and the thought, both are equally stupid....
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