Ayesha Sana, behind the scenes!

Just because she is a famous TV show host, she cannot scornfully abuse people who she thinks are beneath her.

Abbis Haider December 31, 2015
With her glamorous attire, overdone makeup, and studio lights shining bright on her face, we see a lady sitting on a couch, speaking in a soft, polite tone, getting ready to appear on television and give a lecture on morality, etiquettes and civility. The show host believes that she, much like her morning show fraternity, is the only person capable of saving Pakistan from its moral failures.

In this particular segment of her show, the topic of discussion revolves around the treatment of people belonging to a lower socio-economic class in Pakistan. Her guest on the show belongs to the very same class. The host exhibits grace and poise, and shows her utmost interest in the poor man’s life. She helps her audience understand and sympathise with the poor man’s plight, all the while seeming disheartened. Soon the segment comes to an end, and one cannot help but feel sad at our world’s reality and praise the host for her work.

This wonderful host is none other than our very own Ayesha Sana.

As I opened my laptop to watch something lighter, something to make me feel good, I came across a video shared by my friend on his Facebook timeline, a video unmasking the ugly and dark side of the host who I couldn’t stop praising just a few moments ago. The perception of humbleness, modesty and softness shatters and a screaming hulk is unleashed, throwing abuses and insults at fellow subordinates. A lady who was seen lecturing on morals and civility a few moments ago had now turned into something that can be an apt definition of the word ‘philistine’.

Giving her the benefit of doubt, I assumed she had probably had a really bad day and hence the hulk-like outburst, but I was proven wrong… again and again. A new video seems to be making rounds on Facebook where Ms Sana is seen being, well… herself. This time, the recipients are her hair stylists, who have apparently ‘further ruined’ her hair. But we wouldn’t even have imagined such behaviour because once she gets on that stage and the camera starts rolling, she turns into a fairy with a magical twist in her tongue, spilling nothing but humble and sweet words.

This hallmark hypocrisy runs deep in our society. From Hamza Ali Abbasi’s religious fervour to Aamir Liaquat’s saintly outlook and cheap shenanigans, there is a certain hypocrisy we see between what is said and what is done in reality.

Ayesha Sana is a representative of each one of us. Take a moment and reflect on how we behave with our servants, maids, workers and subordinates? We all lecture on morals and ethics but how many of us actually follow what we preach?

Her videos should not be taken as a source of amusement. Laughing over it only proves our collective moral bankruptcy. Instead of sharing the videos with your friends, we should boycott her and her show. We don’t need such blatantly hypocritical and pretentious people in our TV fraternity, let alone our society.

Ayesha Baig, one of the hair stylists, took to social media, sharing her side of the story, stating that the whole fiasco was merely an attention-seeking rant.

I, for one, demand Ayesha Sana to publically apologise to all the people she insulted and disrespected. No one deserves to be treated like Ms Sana treated her subordinates. Just because she is a famous TV show host does not mean she has the liberty to scornfully abuse people who she may think are beneath her.
Abbis Haider The author is a graduate of King Edward Medical University and has studied journalism and sociology from Punjab University. He is currently conducting research in health in the US. He tweets as @Abbis_Haider (https://twitter.com/Abbis_Haider).
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someone | 8 years ago | Reply She is hot headed, she may be manner less, but she is beautiful...
Parvez | 8 years ago | Reply There always will be an Ayesha Sana type around.....for a reality check, if nothing else.
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