Mad Max: Fury Road – Setting a new benchmark for action movies

Mad Max: Fury Road is a breath-taking spectacle of high-octane, exhilarating and gut-wrenching action.

Khalid Rafi May 25, 2015
Thirty years after Beyond Thunderdome, George Miller has returned to the Australian outback in the grandest way possible. Mad Max: Fury Road continues the story of Max Rockatansky – the character Mel Gibson made so iconic back in the day - as he continues to navigate his way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Still haunted by the demons of his past, Max (Tom Hardy) must team up with Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), a renegade on the run to survive and bring order to the wasteland by combating the threat of the tyrannical warlord, Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne)

Mad Max: Fury Road is a ground breaking piece of work. Not only is it a great movie but it should be the standard for every action movie to come. Miller orchestrates a breath-taking spectacle of high-octane, exhilarating and gut-wrenching action. There is rarely a moment when Miller does not have the audience at the edge of their seats. The set-pieces are fantastic and marvellously choreographed while the film’s reliance on practice-effects rather than CGI gives it a unique and gritty feel unlike anything else.

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Hardy does a stupendous job taking over the role of Max Rockatansky; he’s a more than worthy successor to Gibson, and even though he has a handful of lines throughout the movie, it’s his sheer presence and amazing physicality that makes his performance so charismatic and memorable.

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However, that being said, this is ultimately Theron’s movie. A ferocious warrior one minute and a thoughtful protector the next, Furiousa really is the beating heart of this film and an all-out intriguing and exciting character brought to life by Theron’s terrific performance.

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As Immoratan Joe, Byrne serves as a competent antagonist and his presence is most terrifying and intimidating.

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Cinematographer John Seale, who was brought out of retirement by Miller, astounds us with wonderful eye-popping imagery which gives the film a distinct visual panache. Junkie XL’s searing soundtrack serves as the perfect companion to the film’s invigorating action, the bombastic score is always boiling at the surface, ready to explode at a moment’s notice.

The storytelling, on the other hand, has a language of its own and relies on the film’s set-pieces to serve as the vehicle for plot development and character beats rather than dialogue.

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All in all, Mad Max: Fury Road is the summer blockbuster we deserve. Miller crafts a film that stands out as a modern-day classic and undoubtedly sets the benchmark for every action film to follow. You are unlikely to see a more thrilling movie anytime soon. In addition, the film has a surprising bit of heart as well, which is uncommon as most action movies do not invoke real emotions.

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Above all, Mad Max: Fury Road is an action behemoth. It is beautiful, chaotic and complex in its own way.

I would rate it a 9.8 out of 10.

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Khalid Rafi
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salman | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend YES! GREAT REVIEW! GREAT MOVIE! This movie beats all other action movies, since Terminator 2. Its that good. And very little CGI...they actually built all those crazy cars and then crashed them against, over and under each other. Many times... Not to mention that the there is a guy with a guitar that is also a flamethrower. Yes, a FLAMETHROWER. That totally rocks. I mean oil is a scarce commodity in the apocalyptic future, but they MUST still have a guitar that is flamethrower. How crazy is that? A day after watching this, I caught a bit of trasnformers4 on TV. It put me to sleep! MM:FR has spoiled all other action movies. Nothing will beat this for years to come…except maybe Mad Max 5 I recommend everyone to watch this…take your wife/husbands, sons/daughters, parents, etc. They will all thank you later. Trust me…I took my wife and she loved it. Now she can’t watch anything unless it has stuff blowing up and cars crashing into each other! And the women in this movie are totally hard! This move does more for women’s lib then all that girl power crap. But guys, don’t blame me if your wives/girlfriends stop listening to you after watching this movie….blame Furiosa. I rate this movie 100.00/10
Khalid Rafi | 5 years ago Thank You! glad someone else feels the same way as I do. This movie is the prime example of what happens when you let a creator create without second guessing everything and it's good that the studio did not interfere. George Miller is truly a mastermind
Paris, Texas | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend this movie deserves all the praise its getting. please dont critcize the action, it is marvelous. personally havent seen a movie with better action in my entire life, and i have seen a lot of movies. criticize the movie if u must but atleast have a valid argument. and u comparing this to punjabi movie is quite simply blasphemous
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