As we bid adieu to American Idol, the legacy lingers on

Now that the final season is on its way, it’s upsetting to know that the American Idol flight is nearly over.

Imane Babar Wahedi May 24, 2015
The American singing competition, American Idol unfortunately meets its finale this year. Created by Simon Fuller based on the British series Pop Idol grasped my attention since its very first season in 2002.

Being a fan of the idol platform, American idol had me glued to the screen for at least nine consecutive seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t missed any season over all, but the anticipation decreased significantly as Simon Cowell left the judges panel. I mean, I’m a fan of Jennifer Lopez, but only as an artist, not too sure about her as a judge.

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul made the show very exciting. Along the years, the two judges’ chemistry remained intact; the bickering like married couple was always amusing. In my opinion, Cowell and Abdul’s cruel and flirty relationship was one of the most riveting factors of the show, along with Cowell’s abrupt honesty which gave the show that unique edge, even though he held the tendency to be occasionally offensive.

Furthermore, I always felt a positive vibe from the host of the show Ryan Seacrest; his humble yet fun personality complimented the show perfectly in every season.

For me, the best moments of idol flight include absorbing performances like Track of my tears, Bridge over troubled water and Hello, but what initially attracted me were the auditions.  The start of every season gave countless unforgettable moments in the auditions. Some contestants came with their flawless breath-taking vocals, while for others, we had Cowell’s prickly side ready for a nerve-wrecking insult.

An example of this was the audition phase of season six, in which Cowell ripped the contestant Kenneth Swale, as he said,
“You look a little odd, your dancing is terrible, the singing was horrendous, and you look like one of those creatures that live in the jungle with the massive eyes, what are they called? Bush babies.”

As much as I pitied Swale, Cowell slamming him was hilarious.

The kiss between Cowell and Abdul can also be classified as an unforgettable moment. After constant bickering between the two, I always expected a little spark to occur at some point. The little skit they performed which included a kiss bought everything out in the open. It was about time!

The artists which captivated me and are worth mentioning  are:

Kelly Clarkson

Season One’s talented winner, Kelly Clarkson, rose to fame since her idol voyage. She has been one of the most successful participants so far. I personally wasn’t a die-hard fan at first, however, she grew on me with time with songs like Because of you and Walk away.

Carrie Underwood

I have always had a thing for country music, so I’ve been a fan of Carrie Underwood since the very start of Season Four. She won the season and has made an amazing career as she’s won seven Grammy awards post American Idol. Underwood's Alone performance mesmerised me and continues to leave an impact as I recall the vocals.

Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert

Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert are two contestants who didn’t win, but they are more than just winners in my eyes. Daughtry's powerful vocals are unbeatable, and along the years, he has gained immense recognition and sold countless records. On the other hand, Lambert has also achieved immense fame and I believe the sizzling rock star deserves every second of it.

Lambert's performance of Mad world,  which earned him a standing ovation, has left its mark within. It was by far one of his best performances.

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks is one of my favourite contestants of all time. She was the Season Six winner, yet her career has not flourished the way it should have, even though she has released some great songs like No air and Battlefield. There is still hope for her to grow in my opinion.

Now, thinking that the final season is on its way, it’s upsetting that the American Idol flight is nearly over. While reminiscing, I feel that the show served its purpose successfully. Despite the altering of judges, American Idol has provided individuals the platform to reveal their singing talent and grow as artists.

The Idol platform grew from country to country, for example; Indian Idol, Australian Idol, Canadian Idol, Pakistan Idol and many more. This gives people the chance to introduce and embrace their singing abilities around the globe.

I feel ever since Cowell left, the show has been jinxed in terms of popularity, ratings and the talent it polished. Additionally, the competitor show The Voice has gained vast fame, which was one of the reasons for the show's decline.

Therefore, there have been mixed reviews and feelings from followers regarding the end of the idol flight:

Nevertheless, the American Idol journey has had its perks and I, as a fan, am hoping the final season turns out to be charismatic. I’m optimistic about the chances that the end will be as fruitful for the fans as the beginning was on the Idol platform.
Imane Babar Wahedi
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