The Expendables 3: An action-packed and star-studded extravaganza

It is what you may call a magnificently action-packed movie where there's no requirement for subject, script or...

Shafiq Ul Hasan August 08, 2014
Right after watching The Expendables 2, I anxiously awaited for the next star-studded joy ride to be released soon. And, finally, The Expendables 3 is here.

The experience of watching The Expendables 3 is incomplete if, by any means, you plan to watch it on a smaller screen. It must be watched in the cinema, on the big screen. When I think of my experience of watching the movie, the only word that comes to mind and describes it perfectly is ‘unbelievable’.

The plot is carefully scripted, simply because of the fact that many critics bombarded the earlier enterprises with questions regarding the loopholes in the script. This time, it’s about one Expendable against another – Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his team standing up against Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson).

Ross and Stonebanks, who used to be good friends back in the day, had a clash of interests when the latter decided to invest his skills into an arms trading business. Ross, completely aware of Stonebanks’s talent and ruthlessness, decides to recruit a new team full of fresh blood and ideas to take Stonebanks down. Ross had to bid adieu to his old team which included Christmas (Jason Statham), Gunner (Dolph Lundgren) and Toll (Randy Couture). What happens next is what makes the star-studded movie utterly amazing and definitely worth your money.

Like its previous enterprises, this sequel is not a one-man movie. In fact, this time the size of the cast has increased in multiple folds and is much saucier and more entertaining than the prequels. With big names like Statham, Arnold SchwarzeneggerWesley SnipesHarrison FordKellan LutzAntonio BanderasRonda RouseyJet LiTerry CrewsKelsey Grammer, Gibson, and Stallone, all that comes to mind is a grand action-fuelled blockbuster. And boy does it meet one’s expectations immensely.

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It is what you may call a magnificently action-packed movie where there is no requirement for subject, script or logic. Gun smoke, tanks, fire-fights, bombs, breath-taking stunts and blasts should be your focal points.

In terms of dialogues, there are some great one-liners by Snipes, Statham, Banderas, Gibson and Schwarzenegger. Stallone plays his role of being the leader of the team with complete command and shows different sides to his character smoothly.

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Gibson finally gets to play the role of a bad guy and proves why he was casted for such a pivotal role. His performance is one he will be remembered for, especially the climax combat between him and Stallone.

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Ford and Schwarzenegger give a dull performance but you still don’t get bored with them because of their on-screen power.

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Snipes and Banderas stand out in this endeavour undeniably. They both showcase their talent in multiple scenes and are indeed a treat to watch. This time, Statham does not have much screen presence but still manages to impresses the audience with whatever little screen time he has.

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If you are a fan of action icons of the 80s and 90s and if you have been waiting for an action movie that is enormous in terms of its entertainment value, then The Expendables 3 is the one for you. On the contrary, if you are looking for an award winning movie, then this shouldn’t be your choice by any means.

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It is a complete rampant action flick where there is no room for common sense. Its main objective is to entertain the masses, especially those who are fans of yester years’ action icons. In light of it being an action movie, I would rate the movie 4.5 on a scale of 5 as it definitely is a must-watch for action lovers.
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