Bobby Jasoos: A volcano of talent... wasted!

The music ranged from anywhere between awful to below average. I give the film a 1.5 out of 5 rating.

Shafiq Ul Hasan July 22, 2014
Keeping the taste of Bollywood fans and critics in mind, director Samar Shaikh and producer Dia Mirza came up with a great formula for their new movie, Bobby Jasoos, one which they thought would be a hit movie. To understand it better, the formula is a mix between women-centric movies, like No one killed Jessica, Hate Story, Dirty Picture, Gulaab Gang and English Vinglish, and detective thrillers, like John Day, Samrat & Co., Kahaani, Mr Joe B Carvalho

So what is the movie about?

Bobby Jasoos is about Bilquis Ahmed (Vidya Balan), also known as Bobby Jasoos, who aspires to be a detective and truly believes she would be a great one. But unfortunately, she doesn’t have what it takes to be a renowned detective; she lacks presentation skills, language proficiency and professional training. Her parents want her to settle down with a nice Hyderabadi boy but Bobby, being a strong-headed woman, is determined to be a spy just like James Bond and starts her own private detective agency.  

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After various uninteresting cases, she is approached by Anees Khan (Kiran Kumar) who hires her for a case and pays her a hefty advance. Bobby puts her services to use and excitedly starts working on the case with the help of her friends Munna (Aakash Dahiya), Tasawur (Ali Fazal) and Shetty (Prasad Barve). Things start off as planned for Bobby but as predicted things turn become interesting when Bobby inquires about other cases she dealt with in the past for Khan.

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An array of performances

Balan is a volcano of talent and can surprise her viewers in any given character. She did a commendable job with her comic timings and emotional bursts, and her little romantic gestures made her role complete, leaving no room for error.

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Fazal is talented and excels like a polished actor in some of the scenes. He looks smart, dances well and acts in a perfectly natural way.

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Being a power pack of dramatic scenes and emotional performances, Kumar makes an on-screen appearance after a long time. It truly was a delight to watch him in a very demanding role where he had to be composed, dubious and unpredictable. Only a well-seasoned actor could pull off the designated role and Kumar was the perfect choice.

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Dahiya and Barve did equal justice to their characters, providing the audience with a decent watch. On the other hand, Tanvi aazmiSupriya Pathak and Zarina Wahab along with Rajendra Gupta were a total waste of screen time; they looked like nothing more than fillers for the movie and this did no justice to the talent they encompass. Arjan Bajwa as Lala also gave an extraordinary performance.

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Here comes the disappointment

Being a fan of Balan’s acting abilities and always looking forward to watching a nice thriller cum detective themed movie, I had high hopes from the movie. But unfortunately, it failed to make its mark. The plot seemed half-baked and there were too many stories trying to merge into one which only ended up confusing the audience. The movie had a great cast but their talent was not utilised to its full potential. Also, one aspect that seemed to bother me was the fact that although the movie portrayed typical ‘Hyderabadis’ the accents just didn’t match my expectation.

If making a hit movie was all about getting into a multiple disguises then Bobby Jasoos could have survived and made an impact. But the filmmakers need to understand that it takes a strong plot and script, and some over the top performances, to make a movie worth watching. By the end of the movie, the audiences were left with many unanswered questions, which evidently showed that the filmmakers and writers did not do justice to their work.

Remember that song from the movie? I don’t either!

You know how you watch a movie, especially a Bollywood movie, and this one song, or a couple in certain films, just stick to you and you can’t wait to go home to download it so you can listen to it on repeat? Yeah, that wasn’t the case here, or even close to it. I couldn’t remember any song after watching the movie and neither of them made an impact. The music ranged from anywhere between awful to below average.

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And the verdict is…

Had the script been slightly more gripping, the movie would have been a great success. Although the actors did give it their best shot, in their respective capacities, it is always team effort that can save any enterprise and Bobby Jasoos missed the mark from miles away.

In light of its weak script, confused storytelling and lack of precision I give the film a 1.5 out of 5 rating.
Shafiq Ul Hasan
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Kaptain Mirza | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend This is what happens when you copy Quddusi Sahab kee Bewa's serial - Hina Dilpazir is leagues ahead of Bollywood.
Shafiq Ul Hasan | 5 years ago Don't be biased, I am not saying that Dilpazeer is not a good actress, but this movie is by no means a "COPY" of QSKB... Every actor/actress has their own pluses and minuses, let's not just pull the legs of others in order to raise our own product.
Barack Bashir | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend I havent watched bollywood movies after Kabhi Alvida na Kehna. They are too lame now and one cant expect it to take their stories seriously. I mean its unbearable to watch indian films now, they look nothing more than 3rd class porn, dull witted plots, too many songs, too many guys with abs and chicks with killer looks but they just cant ACT! I mean come on, sunny leone is now taking charge of bollywood. While Salman khan keep expanding horizontally 2 inches every year, the standard of bollywood keeps devolving to a point where item songs supports the plot(not the other way around as it used to be)
Shafiq Ul Hasan | 5 years ago Well to me, you aren't a movie watcher. Apart from big-budgeted films released in Bollywood, there are some other line of movie that keeps releasing every now and then. Watch Dasvidania, Aankhon dekhi, Kia Dilli Kia Lahore, Lunchbox, Club 60, Listen Amaya, Rockstar, Maqbool, and there are a lot more to name... Appreciate the good work and keep your eyes open for it. By the way, I am not into porn, so can't comment on your "3rd Class Porn" point...
Open ur mind | 5 years ago Watch Lunchbox, a ship of thessus, Kahaani. Bollywood produces all typs of films, for the masses as well as for the classes
نائلہ | 5 years ago I wonder how you know all this if you haven't watched Indian movies for all this time :/ I am not a Bollywood person either, but do check out 3 Idiots and Tarey Zameen par- the last 2 Indian films I personally watched. They are very good.
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