Terrorist attack on Quaid’s residency

We see history repeating itself. Their attack is part of a big game plan to arouse anger amongst the masses.

Mureeb Mohmand June 16, 2013
Being a History student, it came as sad news to me that Pakistan’s founding father’s residence was attacked on June 15 in Ziarat where, amongst other things, his personal belongings were all destroyed. Ziarat is popular for its natural beauty and for being Quaid’s last abode during his days of illness.

It came as no surprise to me as many started raising questions regarding his stay in Ziarat at the time. Despite the unavailability of doctors and lack of medical facilities in this region, he was shifted there and while being brought back to Karachi, his health deteriorated and he died in the ambulance.

In my opinion, Quaid, a visionary man, was opposed by many — some of whom conspired against him and purposefully kept him away from medical facilities and practitioners, which played a part in his death. Thus, just like his predecessor, Liaquat Ali khan, who was assassinated in Liaquat Bagh, Quaid-e-Azam met with the same fate by standing up against oppressive forces and challenging their status quo.

We see history repeating itself once again. The same players, who conspired against the father of the nation, are not happy with recent political developments. They are plotting and the attack on Quaid’s residency is part of their big game plan to arouse anger amongst the masses, resulting in demonstrations and protests across the country.

This will not only disrupt economic activity but also create law and order problems for the new government.

Instead of bringing peace and prosperity in the region, the government will react under pressure which will lead to insurgency in Balochistan. The country will play right into the conspirators’ hands.

Now, it is upon us to identify those who plotted against Quaid at a time when the nation needed him and attacked his residency at a time when Balochistan needs peace and prosperity. If we fail to recognise those who conspire against our nation this time, just like we failed in 1948, then we will suffer by losing Balochistan just like we lost Bangladesh in 1971.

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Mureeb Mohmand An Express Tribune reporter from FATA. He tweets @mureebmohmand (https://twitter.com/mureebmohmand)
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