Imran Khan can bring peace to FATA

Peace in Fata is related to peace in Pakistan, a political process should now be initiated to bring stability there.

Mureeb Mohmand October 15, 2012
The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s ‘Peace March’ has been widely criticised by many but the fact remains that the liberal Imran Khan had taken a brave initiative to march towards the militancy-struck Waziristan – the headquarters of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

But being a divided nation, we happen to be pessimistic.

Criticism is in our nature and is mainly the reason why we have remained an underdeveloped state even after 65 years of independence. After detaching Fata from Afghanistan in 1893, we were revealed to the world as a land of wild animals, leading people to believe that once you enter this region, there is no coming back.

Yet, the reality is quite different and those who have ever visited Fata will always cherish the hospitality shown to them.

It is exactly this hospitality that the foreigners who came here during the Afghan war and decided to make the region their home remember. They married here, learnt Pashtu, started their businesses and forgot their native homelands.

But now, thanks to the ‘super powers’ and their allies, the region has been made a battlefield on the pretext of the ‘war on terror’. The once brave settlers, as well as the hospitable tribal people, are left wondering whether they should remain in their land or move to the camps for internally displaced people, as chances of them becoming suspects in their own country are high, since possessing a tribal identity card is looked upon as a crime.

Imran Khan’s visit was a chance to promote peace not only for the tribal region but for the nation as a whole. As a tribal, I personally favour Imran Khan’s march and, in my opinion, it was a chance for peace.

It is said that a peaceful Afghanistan is necessary for Pakistan.

Now, peace in Fata is related to peace in Pakistan, and after a successful armed operation in Swat in 2009, it is important that a political process be initiated in Fata to bring stability to the region.

One cannot rule through force and civil administration forever, especially without the support of the masses.

The only way the tribal people can return to their homes is when there is a political process, which implies political activity for all, and not just a select few.

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Mureeb Mohmand An Express Tribune reporter from FATA. He tweets @mureebmohmand (
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M.khan | 11 years ago | Reply wazirstan peace March actully the voice of the people of FATA.imran khan only a brave leader n pakistan.for a leadr their must be 3 caristristics.{{GHARAT> SADAQAT. AMANAT}} imran khan has these 3 caristristics.therefore he taken the boled step of wazirstan peace March.
Shahzad | 11 years ago | Reply @Shakeel N: Islam through Hadith gives guidance on governance including on how to coexist with other non Muslims. But it does not allow alternative sources of state power.The Taliban are non state actors who state that apostates ( mur tad ) have to be killed whereas (monafique) it is good practise to kill. Can the state allow this twisted ideology to exist and be practised against its own citizens and against our neighbours including Afghanistan, Iran, China and India. Now this is not fundamentalist Islam but hiding the truth about Islam and in fact blaspheming against our beloved Prophet pbuh, may I suggest this is obscurantism ( falsifying the truth ). I am against war to I, believe light the candle when you fight darkness. But then if the obscurantists blow out the candle and think they have a monopoly on violence and the state should be prevented from protecting its citizens, then I am afraid at some stage you will have to unsheath your sword. But agreed you have to first take the moral high ground to show this ideology is twisted wrong and not according to a great religion. The concern is , are PTI and Imran who I support, on the same platform or are they simply spokesmen for this twisted philosophy , I believe the jury is out and time will tell. But I hope and pray that sanity prevails.
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