False honour: Man kills sister for ‘honour’

Published: November 7, 2011

The suspected murderer had also killed his mother on the same pretext last year.

SWAT: A married woman and mother of two was murdered by her brother in Swat on Saturday.

According to the Rahimabad police, Arshad, a resident of Gogdara village of Mingora, shot dead his 26 years old sister, Nadia, to ‘protect his honour’. Arshad, whose character, according to the police and locals was “not good”, escaped after killing Nadia.

One year earlier, he had killed his mother under the same pretext. Arshad was provoked in a quarrel last year by Torey, hailing from Manyar village, who had accused his sister and mother of involved in ‘immoral activities’. Soon after, Arshad killed his mother and injured Nadia severely but she survived. However, he has been stalking his sister for a while and finally shot dead her.

Police have arrested Torey and registered an FIR against Arshad. According to local people, Nadia was living a humble life.

“We have never seen or heard of her being involved in any wrong activity. She was a good, but her brother was not,” said a local.

A local journalist told The Express Tribune that, “It is a psychological issue. This man killed his mother last year and now his sister, only and only for the sake of false honour. Men ‘hunt’ to boost their false egos and kill women who are weak and vulnerable.”

Civil society activists demanded arrest of Arshad.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 7th,  2011.

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