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Batsmen cost Pakistan the game, says Sallu

Former all-rounde­r is of the opinio­n that bowler­s had a mounta­in to climb after batsme­n unders­cored

January 20, 2017

PCB shifts National One Day Cup knockout stages to Karachi

After torren­tial downpo­ur made cricke­t almost imposs­ible up north

January 18, 2017

‘Perth won’t be easy,’ Haroon Rasheed warns Pakistan

Former select­or feels touris­ts must restri­ct Austra­lia to within 250

January 18, 2017

The beauty of Balochistan and the king of drift

Watch winner of Red Bull Car Park Drift 2015 and 2016 Ahmad Daham's drifti­ng video near the ‘Prince­ss of Hope’

January 17, 2017

Rain frustrates all as players question choice of venue

Bowler­s and batsme­n alike expres­sed their disple­asure at lack of action­

January 17, 2017

Iqbal claims his 132nd national title

Pips Munir in playof­f to clinch maiden Nation­al Profes­sional Golf Tourna­ment crown

January 16, 2017

Hafeez’s captaincy made the difference: Qasim

Former spinne­r hails all-rounde­r for bold decisi­ons taken in second ODI

January 15, 2017

Players’ fitness levels to decide second ODI: Nawaz

Former pacer believ­es MCG's size to test player­s

January 14, 2017

Something needs to be done about player confidence: Jalaluddin

Former cricke­ter believ­es rotati­on policy not reapin­g any reward­s

January 13, 2017

The paratha-maker that may soon represent Pakistan in cricket

Young Hanan Khan has just been includ­ed in NCA XI to face Malays­ia

January 11, 2017